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    @Lenne All souls we take in Black Ops III are the original Ultimis characters, but in a fracture of the original universe (so not like Primis from a different universe, merely fractures of the original one). These fractures have small differences: In one, Stalingrad is zombified and Nikolai is still fighting there. In one, Takeo is captured by Division 9, just as in the original timeline, but this time they use him as a testsubject and create a Thrasher of him. In the original timeline, he is delivered to Richthofen. Other differences in this fracture are: The Rising Sun Facility is overrun by the undead and the Island Facility is built, and Primis arrive in this timeline and tell Ultimis Takeo that it actually was the Emperor who betrayed him because of his discovery and criticism of D9.
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    That was Ultimis Takeo. The reason why Primis Takeo had to see this version is because he is still loyal to the empire and would not be persuaded to take his own life. By seeing himself held prisoner after being a loyal dedicated warrior for The Empire and Emperor Hirohito. In November 1928, the Emperor's ascension was confirmed in ceremonies (sokui) which are conventionally identified as "enthronement" and "coronation" (Shōwa no tairei-shiki); but this formal event would have been more accurately described as a public confirmation that his Imperial Majesty possesses the Japanese Imperial Regalia, also called the Three Sacred Treasures, which have been handed down through the centuries. The Three Sacred Treasures According to legend, these treasures were brought to earth by Ninigi-no-Mikoto, legendary ancestor of the Japanese imperial line, when his grandmother, the sun goddess Amaterasu, sent him to pacify Japan. These treasures were eventually said to be passed down to Emperor Jimmu, who was the first Emperor of Japan and was also Ninigi's great-grandson. Traditionally, they were a symbol of the emperor's divinity as a descendant of Amaterasu, confirming his legitimacy as paramount ruler of Japan. When Amaterasu hid in a cave from her brother Susanoo-no-Mikoto, thus plunging the world in darkness, the goddess Ame-no-Uzume-no-Mikoto hung the mirror and jewels outside the cave and lured her out of the cave, at which point she saw her own reflection and was startled enough that the gods could pull her out of the cave. Susanoo later presented the sword Kusanagi to Amaterasu as a token of apology; he had obtained it from the body of an eight-serpent, Yamata no Orochi. We see 1 of these artifacts used in our Wonder Weapon on Zetsuba No Shima. Seeing that he would be treated in such away Takeo is still true to Bushidō Code. "The samurai of thirty years ago had behind him a thousand years of training in the law of honor, obedience, duty, and self-sacrifice ... It was not needed to create or establish them. As a child he had but to be instructed, as indeed he was from his earlietst years, in the etiquette of self-immolation." -historian Arthur May Knapp Self-immolation is tolerated by some elements of Mahayana Buddhism and Hinduism, and it has been practiced for many centuries, especially in India, for various reasons, including jauhar, sati, political protest, devotion, and renouncement. Certain warrior cultures, such as those of the Charans and Rajputs, also practiced self-immolation. Primis Takeo would not allow Ultimis Takeo to wait in a jail cell for death. He deserved an Honorable death and this gave Primis Takeo peace of mind knowing that his Ultimis Soul was taken by his own blade.
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    I like the way your mate considers it as canon. Every zombie map or thing ever used to be canon. I know lots of stuff changed, but why wouldn't be that the case anymore? It kinda reminds me of the later added Mule Kick in Black Ops I. Not sure if that theory is correct, though. Anyway, since Ultimis overloaded an MTD with a Wünderwaffe DG-2 and blew up Earth with three rockets containing Vril Eggs, the universe is pretty fucked up. I know it is lazy to say it like that, but the Temporal Rifts caused by these events are the explanation for for example the 1975 Kino note, the Perk-a-Cola machines and more out of place items. My best guess is that Blundell used this as a weak excuse to have Widows Wine in Ascension, instead of PhD Flopper (since you couldn't use that anyway in BO3, because of the sliding). Anyway, if you can't have enough of PhD Flopper, @PINNAZ once made this very interesting theory about the story behind it: http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/topic/172599-floppermost-important-perk-storywiseconfirmed/ By the way, good to see you, @MysteryMachineX!
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    I have taken the time and now I’ll share with you my “Wonder Weapon” Name: Requiem of Desolation (ROD) Type: Collapsible Bo Staff Description: A Dark Matter Staff that feeds off Spiritual Energy (Souls). It has the Capability of separating into two for better handling. When separated a arc like charge connects both ends. It projects a Bright white arc on both ends during combat but is shrouded in Dark Matter Black and Purple. It appears as if it’s suffocating the the spirit so much that the energy has bolts shooting from the top and bottom. With each Soul/Lifeforce it takes the deadlier the spirit charge becomes. So deadly that the person handling the ROD is advised to collapse it into Over Drive (OD). In OD the Staff slowly loses power the user must holster or Desolate it’s entirety in battle. This would turn the Bo staff into a Nunchuck type weapon held together by the very spirits it feeds on. *Its still a draft, but I wanted to share what I had so far*
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    Very interesting and well done as always @anonymous
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