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    Hey friendo, welcome to the community! If you're looking for teammates, I'd suggest using our CoDz LFG for a faster response rate. We have people looking for fellow slayers on the daily and you'll have your high round clanmates in no time.
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    I cant believe Pablo has such a big role in the story now. I love how they're bringing so much old information back into the story. All of the characters seem to relate to the apothocan in some way.
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    It's so nice to see a topic like this with such positivity about BO2 and especially the Tranzit crew. I can't exactly say I miss BO2 because I still play WaW, BO1 and BO2 on PS3 but I do miss the Tranzit crew a lot because they were just so great and I hate to say it but they're better than what we've had in BO3, Misty and Marlton are my favorite characters in zombies obviously along with Dempsey and Takeo. It's sad to think back to the BO2 days because people were just so horrible about the game and the characters which upset me, the characters were great and the voice actors did so well but everyone still complained which made the game feel unenjoyable, there were hardly any people who had a positive thing to say about zombies. Also I really miss MOTD a lot and I really want them to try and recreate the map because it will always be my favorite and it would be nice to play a new version or something that's similar.