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    Shoutout to the fine folks over at /r/CODZombies and of course @LiamFTWinter The scraps found in Der Riese have been pieced together to make the following picture! To me, the immage appears to be the KN-44 inside of what appears to be a box, within a ball. The smaller circles around the outside of the main picture appear to look like Suns, and the planets that orbit them, with some random other schematic designs around the outside. Blueprints appear to be designed by one "Dr. Monty" (Gobblegum/perk inventor it seems like). To me, this appears like some type of schematic for either wall guns, or the PaP. No real reasoning behind that other than it's the only thing that really makes sense :0. EDIT: It appears there is more than meets the eye with this particular document. Speculation, like the following, seems to insist that it is hinting at how many dimensions we are currently dealing with. (From r/CODZombies user bigthagen87) " For what it's worth, the two cube's shown are 4D cubes, or hypercubes. The figure in the bottom left is an unfolded hypercube. Edit: Furthering on this, this suggests 4 dimensions. So, the four drawings of universes in each corner could be some kind of clue. The one in the top left could be one dimension, with two universes. Edit2: Same would go for the bottom right - two universes, one dimension. " Let's hear your thoughts below!
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    here's the higher quality version
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    Amongst some of their less desirable new perks in BO2 it's nice to see a useful one come right out of the gate in BO3.
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    Shadows of evil! Tips, Tricks and Points of Interest Tips and Tricks ( Note, more tips and tricks will be added as I find the best ways to deal with them. Do you have a tip and trick? Feel free to comment with anything that works for you. RITUALS Tips and Tricks Monsters and Beasts Tips and Tricks Training Guide Tips and Tricks Gadgets and Weaponry Tips and Tricks Moving around the Map Tips and Tricks Using GobbleGum (Coming Soon) Misc Tips and Tricks Surviving Glitches Tips and Tricks Points of Interest Mastering Shadows of Evil Tips and Tricks
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    This is very good stuff. I agree with the analysis generally. That is a tesseract for sure. Hypercubes represent dimensions within dimensions or hyper-dimensions. The blueprints (in my opinion) seem to be representative of "non-euclidean geometry". Here is a simplified video explination I just found on Youtube. They even state at the end of the video "A kind of geometry where breaking the rules is the basis." If a multiverse does exist, it could be considered "Non-Euclidean" and "Hyper-dimensional". This is just my initial thoughts though. (link if embed didnt work) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jvs_gTrP3wg
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    Couldn't have said it better myself. Great perk that is actually desirable to use and adds a great mechanic to the game.
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    (Or M...) This letter made me think about The Walking Dead. But why would there be a link with The Wolves ? And why there are several wolf head logo in The Giant ? Moreover The Walking Dead is sponsored by Black Ops 3 this year : http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/index.php?/topic/179956-the-walking-dead-is-being-sponsored-by-bo3-zombies-in-england/ Coincidence, easter egg or real importance ?
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    Exhibit A: As you can see NUMEROUS points in the trailer were used for the opening cutscene, however many more were not. You don't just make all those extra scenes for nothing. I purpose the giant has a hidden easter egg ending or at least ending cutscene. Just a recap of what we know so far (easter egg steps): Furthermore, there's a way to unlock a secret perk, which will either be Deadshot Daquiri or Stamin up: (Steps to do so) This is odd, because I've seen games with both. However I've never seen 2 games where one was able to get a perk bottle from the mainframe and have both deadshot and staminup at the same time. There could be coding behind this, or there could be only one of those two perks on the map at one time, we don't know. There may be a way to unlock the other perk, but we don't know what it could be yet. All in all, I don't think Der Reise (The giant) is done yet. KEEP HUNTING FOLKS!
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    No, its just strong, there is a reason it costs 4000 points. It gives your knife a bonus DOT (damage over time) and converts your grenades into Semtex that will slow zombies in a radius at any round. When you get hit however, a grenade is consumes and the same effect is caused around you, until you run out of grenades. There is also a random spider power up that will occasionally pop up after you buy it, that times out faster than normal power ups, but will give you an extra grenade... an extra "charge" of the perk, if you will. SO yeah, really useful at any round and in most scenarios, and can get you out of sticky situations... but only up to a cap.
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    Activity streams is currently working, this a temporary solution and may be problematic. This issue is now with the lead developers of the system for a permanent solution.
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    Great work +1. I love this kinda stuff Treyarch puts in, they really go the extra mile.
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    I just ended up deleting the section and retyping it, but it was very weird indeed. It was only one thread, so hopefully it was more of a glitch and won't be a continuing issue.
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    I believe you're referring to what Widows wine does for your knife, rather it gives you a spike with (i assume) spider venom on it :) Check it out - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txdp7zs1I-E
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    Just don't harvest them @Rissole25 & over time (rounds) they will change colour. The more that you don't harvest, the better chance there is at getting the Margwa part on an earlier round. It would be good to note in the OP, at what rounds they change to Red & then to Purple. (if there is consistency or is something else a factor?)
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    There are some that we could certainly speculate about, like the Nikolai quote, but in all honesty, the theories at this point are likely to be weak and I'd recommend waiting until we have a better idea of what's happening.
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    42 in co-op last night. We could've went further but I got tired and decided to not using Monkey Bombs to revive my teammates. It was just an accident.
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    They actually didn't go back in time. Retrospective time travel causes a grandfather paradox. They moved forward in time from Origins, and according to Dempsey, made two or more other stops along the way.
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    What he said. Sad story, but true. As far as I can tell, however, Origins did happen in a third universe, the children were playing a game with a similar concept in the second, ignorant of the fact that the NO4 were living it out, while in the first universe, (presumably ours) the events of Der Riese/Griffin Station were gearing up to take place. For some reason, the new Dempsey from U3 is on a mission to find the test subjects in U1. Nikolai from U3 is on a mission to destroy the German 'war machine' in U1, Takeo from U3, it would seem, may be looking for the Emperor, and Richtofen from U3 has come to kill Richtofen in U1 to stop the utter annihilation of U1 through the events of Der Riese - Buried. Meanwhile, Maxis from U2 is in contact with Richtofen from U3, praising his work and his heroic motives, and attempting to identify his location for exfil by use of a cross-dimensional beacon. The other 3, however, are pissed at Richtofen, as they still have business in U1.
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    On my count, there are seven things we don't truly know the consequence of so far. I warn you, and this is your only warning, reading anything past this will NOT be kept in a spoiler tab, do not ask. There are spoilers. Mystery one: -Shadows of evil- -#No achievement for the full easter egg Listed below is a link to the official IGN drop of all the game's secret achievements, however, we do actually know how to obtain all of these achievements, although many have yet to do so. http://www.ign.com/wikis/call-of-duty-black-ops-3/Achievements_and_Trophies That being said, we know that the shadows of evil easter egg proceeds long after the trophy for it is awarded. It seems odd for treyarch to give us SUCH a big objective with no reward out of game. ---Note: There are rumors of in-game achievements being rewarded for tasks unknown. This could explain the lack of official achievement. Mystery 2: The Unmarked Achievement On the contrary to what was stated prior. There is a secret achievement listed in the game's strategy guide. Below is Resortified video of it: Many have speculated it's linked to a gobble gum, others think it's the secret easter egg achievement for shadows of evil. However, this may also point towards the giant's easter egg not being complete, as no reward other then the annihilator is received for completing the fly trap. As this map is also DLC, it would make sense it's not a part of the main game's achievement list. Mystery 3: The data vault's hidden panel. Not many know this, but in the campaign menu where one selects deadops arcade, scroll over the data vault, then holding RB,LB,RT,and LT, push X (or square) then Y (Or triangle). This opens up a secret panel for one to input code. However no combinations have been found as of right now. Secretly hoping to see zork again. Mystery 4: -Shadows of Evil- The margwa helmets NGT actually managed to find this before any other easter egg steps, but it's a difficult aspect of shooting margwar hearts arround the map while riding the train. Upon doing so will spawn 4 mysterious glowing sparkles arround the map. Collect one and your character will put a margwa's head on their head as a helmet. It is unknown if this is simply cosmetic, or works a bit like the golden helmet from origins, or is a vital part of the easter egg further down the line. Mystery 5: -Shadows of evil- Marg-fribulation Around the map there are places containing spike traps who are activated by chains with margwa hearts on the end, and, according to numerous reports on reddit, shocking these hearts with your beastmode tenticles does have an unknown effect. But what? (Sorry no visual evidence of this yet) Mystery 6: -The giant- Zombie Richtofen. Accompanied by the odd face you see while teleporting, there is a jumpscare within shadows of evil which brings up a picture of a zombie richtofen. Likewise, the giant's gameplay trailer showed numerous clips from cutscenes not used in the game yet, such as richtofen staring into nothing with greivance, and richtofen's body falling into the darkness. Mystery #7 -Shadows of Evil- The glitched wonder weapon The apoltican's servant in shadows of evil is a powerful weapon, however it can be made even stronger by pack-a-punching it. Only... There's an issue... The game won't outright let you pack-a-punch the weapon, as much like black ops two's jet gun and seliquifier, there is no PAPed animation, camo, or change to be made for the weapons. HOWEVER, in shadows of evil, the apothicon's servant can be upgraded through less then adequate means, by swapping from one's secondary to the apothicon mid-animation. Odd thing is, the PAP takes the weapon. Gives it longer lasting, different colored shots with much more amo in the chamber. The weapon becomes super OP this way, but the real thing to take from this is that there IS an animation for it. So at some point, the apothican's servent becomes PAPable, but through what means.....(Weird, can't find a video on it... Weird...)
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    Stamin up is a borderline requirement on this map, if not to get around easier then to carry the wonder weapon. It feel like an lmg when you run with it, and stamin up just makes it so much more maneuverable. Jug, QR, and stamin up are the main three for this map, with the fourth slot optional.
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    Here's the problem. Me and 3 friends were playing last night. 2 did not know anything about how to access ritual pieces, perform the rituals etc. I knew pretty much how to do that as did friend number 2. So in trying to verbally guide the other 2 through going into beast mode and knowing where things are and what to shock, and what to melee and where to grapple to, about 75% of their beast mode uses ended with no progress being made. The only reason I knew what to do and where to go was watching a youtube video and practicing many times. So the first time we got 3 rituals done in about an hour and a half and we were on round 7 or 8 and the Margwa came and wrecked our shit. So one person dropped out, and we started again. this time we did finally complete all the rituals and place the gateworms, this time by round 10. again shortly after the margwa came, and then the rolling meatball destroyers of souls came and we were dead again. We played for 3 hours. only completed a total of 18 rounds, and 80% of our time was spent not killing zombies, but completing tedious tasks just to open up a core game mechanic that is essential to surviving to round 20+ The rituals are awesome, and super intriguing and are perfect for an easter egg step, but they have to stop making the first steps to these easter eggs be necessary to the normal gameplay elements of zombies like pack a punch or a wonder weapon. I stand by my long stance that a casual player should be able to play the map and have fun without even being aware that a large side quest exists, while the side quests are still there to challenge experienced players
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    I will beat this though, wanna try get at least 40.
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    Dalek just found a secret panel by holding down RB RT LB LT on the data vault then pushing X and then Y. Maybe this has something to do with it?
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    Y'all are haters - I love this remix tenfold. Not saying the original is lesser than this (as it's just a remix of a classic tune we know and cherish), but it just fits very well with the theme of The Giant plus futuristic weaponry.
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    12....I had a girl come over and she wanted to split screen. She's lucky she makes up for her gaming scrubbery with other awesome traits. The real game starts tonight after work, no distractions!!!!
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