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I have a problem beating the last part

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The manglers are slower and will stop when they try to shoot you, to get the part from it you have to shoot off the cannon on it's arm without killing it first. Training the zombies can help as well as using things like monkeys, decoys and stun grenades and possibly aether shroud if you really need to. Also don't run off too far from the mangler when it spawns or it will despawn and not come back that round (found that out the hard way)

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Just now, pickup said:

thanks that's really nice to know I didn't know the despawn thanks for letting me know that am I explained why so many problems

No problem, I think it's the same with the mimics too and also the fact that mimics only spawn once or twice during rounds 15-30 

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@pickup unfortunately, I haven't looked into the Easter Egg yet so I will be unable to help. Also, I have deleted your four other posts because they were all the same as this one. I hope you understand that and please keep your search for a teammate within this post. Additionally, on the Discord, we have a Looking for a Group system which may prove usefull for you

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I found the easiest way to do the Mimic collection step solo is to stay in the Helipad until the end of the round. 

That way you can kill any mimics that spawn mid round.

Then with one zombies remaining go off and find the Mimic spawn for the collection step. 


I hope this helps. Good luck!

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On 2/9/2021 at 6:58 AM, pickup said:

No I keep getting stuck on the part where you got to suck up the three named monsters


Have a look at the guide we have put on YouTube, I have time stamped the link to the start of the mimic step after speaking to Dr Peck.




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