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How do you feel about the characters?


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To start right ahead, I must confess I havent played the game myself. All gameplay I've seen are the guides posted by @Thor on CoDZ's youtube channel.


So I ask you, a question revolving around an important topic. Because the characters can make or break a map, in all honesty. Do they have  interesting characterisms? Are they scared, silly or crazy? What person is your favourite? Whose backstory would you like to flesh out? 


Grigory Weaver


"Veteran covert agent Grigori Weaver returns to action as the Special Commander of Requiem – a CIA strike team tasked with combating"


Mackenzie Carver


"I am Major Mackenzie Carver. My friends call me Mac. You will not. And yes, I am that Major Carver. Most likely, all the stories you've heard are true. But that is in the past. I'm a firm believer in living in the now and preparing for the future. As you may well know, I head up Requiem's Containment and Security Division. It's a post I personally requested. Make no mistake - we are at war."


Elizabeth Grey


"My name is Doctor Elizabeth Grey, head of Unnatural Sciences, and this is about as unnatural a Sunday as I can remember. Normally about now I'd be sitting in my lab in Bristol, having a good natter with Pip and Sam, two macaques I work with, over a nice cup of tea... Then, just BAM - this whole thing happens."


Oskar Strauss


"I know you have your suspicions about me. I hear what your type says about me in the halls. "Mein Gott. Is that Doctor Oskar Strauss, former Nazi scientist? They put him in charge of Energy Research? It is so horrible." To this I have two things to say. One: I was never a fucking Nazi. I am, and always have been, a man of science trying to survive in a nasty, despicable world."

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Weaver actually reminds me of @NaBrZHunter; very knowledgeable and a familiar tone (and sound weirdly enough) of voice while discussing with the others. It's actually very hard to not smile listening to the conversations despite how serious they are at times.


Carver seems to have done some less-than-generous work before - "And yes, I am that Major Carver. Most likely, all the stories you've heard are true. But that is in the past." I'm very interested in learning more on that, and he's entertaining while keeping the serious mood.


I unironically simp over Doctor Grey, it's not even funny. She's thrown into the situation and still does a good job of keeping up with the information and brings humor to the whole situation by being far less serious and uptight than everyone else in the conversations.


Strauss, despite working directly at the forefront, never got even a glimpse of the true machinations going on at the site as he worked in atomic research while higher-up scientists were working on the Cyclotron particle accelerator. And it clearly shows in-game with him just as awestruck as everyone else once the crew explores the deeper depths of the facility. 


I enjoy their chemistries but hope we get to see them all interact more with each other as opposed to just one with Weaver each game. I may just be greedy but they're all enjoyable in their own way and I want to see how they all react to one another, especially with skeletons and demons in each of their closets....

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I like the characters talking too us, but I must admit I really miss having four personalities to play as. I really need it to anchor me into the story. I am not so sure why they couldn't have 4 Main Characters and Operators as well, like WW2 sort of did, because right now it feels a bit empty. I am hoping that changes with DLC 1 or even DLC 2 though, hell I'd take a crew with Sam, Weaver, Doctor Grey and Doctor Strauss.

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