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[THEORY] The woman in the trailer is Samantha


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The woman in the trailer goes by the name of Sam. Upon first hearing this I didn't think too much about it, but after re watching the trailer again - something stood out about here scene in the phone box.


She dials the following numbers on the phone 6-2-9-4-7


Now if your as old as me you will remember the old phones that had the alphabet as well as the numbers on the keypad, such as the Nokias.

If you use the numbers she dials and translate them to the old phone keypad style, it spells out MAXIS.


Does this suggest that this is the Samantha we know? Is there a possibility of seeing/hearing Eddie?


Now this is still just a theory but I definitely think were onto something here with this.


What's your thoughts?

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First off, I completely agree it is Samantha and am now simping hard for her. All hail my queen. People also claim Samanatha's lullaby plays in the trailer but I'm not much of a song person so I can't comment. Others also mention in the opening cutscene when it shows the 1983 date, it has the moon reflecting and when she ends the phone call with Weaver she looks up at the moon.


Second, in the discord someone had the idea that Eddie would finally "get his turn" (origins cutscene reference) and be of real influence in this game/universe. Because he carries over from BO4 but seemingly isnt supposed to because all their souls are supposed to be destroyed or killed or whatever, his very presence may end up being a real problem. So I have started thinking he'll show up eventually.


Interesting her sentimentality in the trailer to losing a friend, who knows what that is about?

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You're spot on! Aparently the woman is called 'Sam', which even proves this theory further. She works for the CIA now? Might this also relate to some grand old Black Ops files:


June 19, 1978

Mr. Hudson—Do not trust D. King. He reports directly to Richard Kain. Kain has eye on you. Be wary.

-- X --



July 4, 1978


Mr. Mason,

Woods is alive and remains the sole remaining American guest at the Hanoi Hilton.

Thought you should know



People have always assumed this was Maxis (--X-- means MAXIS) which wouldn't make sense, since the good man lost his life at Griffin Station, 1945. However, we always overlooked there was another Maxis: Samantha Maxis! Seeing her cooperating with Weaver in the CIA, it would definately make sense if she has her contacts in the Pentagon.


Lastly, could Samantha be Evelyn Cross?

From: Cross, Evelyn
To: Kennedy, John Fitzgerald
Date/Time: Wednesday, June 26, 1963
Subject: No Subject
He won't ask you again and I know this was his final offer. Please reconsider before we leave Berlin or put your life in danger.

Our people are everywhere - this time you cannot win. Give him what he wants before it's too late.


From: Trent, John
To: Hudson, Jason
Date/Time: Monday, November 25, 1963
Subject: A Single Step
Echelon 5 21 0 8 18 15 14 7 21 16 23 9 14 23 0 6 18 4

Her name is Evelyn Cross. The photo is for your eyes only. This will be my last letter for quite some time. When the time comes, you will know what to do.



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