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Revisiting 115 - an analysis

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Hi, and welcome to my analysis of Kino's ee song 115.

As usual, I would comment over other people's interpretations and offer my thoughts.

For now, I would go back to my old pal @The Meh, with other people. Also, the lyrics are taken from this drive which @RadZakpakcompiled.

Let's go!



"No one can see me and

I've lost all feeling and

I know I won't die alone."

(Interesting enough. If it were my guess, this line would technically refer to Samantha. She wants to achieve vengeance. Revenge. It fuels her. She's a sadistic, hollow shell of the peaceful little girl she once was.)

I agree, no comments.



"I'll stop you from breathing and

all your deceiving and

this house is not my home."

(Who would she want to get vengeance/revenge on? Richtofen. Richtofen did all of this, and the world now is stemmed from his deceit. In all technicalities, she has a great reason to set these goals, to want to kill off the threat that is... Richtofen.)


I agree, no comments.




More forgiveness


and the reason is

I know I won't die alone."

(Even if Richtofen asked for her forgiveness, she's definitely far from giving him forgiveness. She's gonna kill him before that happens.)

This line is somewhat weird to interpret. What does she mean by “I know I won’t die alone”? If she dies, the zombies would also die? How does that reason/explains that she won’t forgive him?

It could be that since she has the power AKA zombies, she would not forgive him. If she dies, everyone else would die, and no one would be able to avenge her. But vengeance isn’t the same as forgiveness… It is weird. Write down your thoughts!



"I have returned"

(Well... what else is there to say then the fact that Samantha's back to achieve her goals?)

I believe this signifies the purpose of the song imo, which is introducing “Samantha” officially. This song is all about Sam’s hatred, even though it was somewhat established before in Lullaby of a dead man, here is where the story became grounded.



"and everyone dies

and everyone lies

They're waiting for the

second coming again"

This time, I would be quoting Black Wolf instead of The Meh



In regards to "they're waiting for the second coming again," the Second Coming is often a term for the return of the Christ figure in the Christian belief system. However, it is a term which denotes the apocalypse, which I believe is likely an appropriate usage here


What's interesting is that "they are waiting for the second coming again" (emphasis mine). Are they waiting again because it didn't happen the first time they waited, or are they waiting for it to happen again? Depends on how you interpret the rest of the song, I think.

The most troubling thing is the “again” part… I don’t know about any previous tries at stopping Samantha (except for Five/Broken Arrow but it happens after Kino. Thanks to @RadZakPak)

I could explain it by the multiverse, but I don’t like it although it is hinted at again later on.

Anyway, I believe the meaning without the emphasis on the “again” part is as follows: The people are waiting for a saviour, but don’t understand that these events would also lead to destruction. Rings any bells? We’ll see another reference later.


"Everyone tries to

hold onto their life

When no one's alive

Bring me 115"


(At this rate, people need to survive. And Samantha... she's still gonna kill these people, with the zombies, with the power of 115. 115 doesn't stand as an element to her, it stands as the reason she has power. She sees that far. She needs the 115, she needs the power, she needs zombies. Samantha wants power. She's power-hungry. Or at least... that's what kind of person she's become now.)

To put it simply, people are trying to survive, and Samantha wants more power through zombies and through element 115.


"You stand for nothing and

overlooked something

I'll bring you down all

on my own."

(Before you ask, it's not "I've overlooked something". Anyways... in Samantha's vision, Richtofen's nothing now. An opponent in a game of lies and cheats, the liar, the fool. He's nothing to her, and she wants to be the one that will bring him down. She will kill him the moment she gets that chance.)

These lines could mean many things and is prone to overinterpretation.

It could mean that she is talking to Dempsey, Takeo and Nikolai about how they are working towards giving Richtofen the ultimate power and how they overlooked his past and his sociopathy.

It could mean that she is talking to the whole group, how their fight is useless and overlooked that zombies never end.

It could mean what The Meh interpreted, although I disagree with him.

I like the first one, as it would give Sam more depth and foreshadow Moon’s ending.



"I'm the end I can taste it

I'll justify hatred!

I am the chosen one

left hand of all that's 


Quoting the first reply from this website:


"Left hand of all that is sacred" is, sadly, a biblical reference to the Archangel, Gabriel, the angel of Revelation; the end of the world.

The last line is interesting. It could mean that she is the chosen one and since she brings destruction then she’s like an Archangel. Or it could mean that she is the chosen one from the left hand, which I believe to be the Apothicons.

We know that the Apothicons/aliens idea was there in the beginning, so I wouldn’t say it is far-fetched.




More forgiveness


I'll bring you death and pestilence

I'll bring you down on my own"


(She's still not at a standpoint with which she's gonna forgive Richtofen. In fact, it's safe to say she's not forgiving anyone at this rate. She'll bring the death of millions by her own hands. Disease will thrive because of her. The human race? Please. She's putting the world into a noose. It's an abattoir. Her abattoir.)

I agree, no comments.


"and everything dies

look to the skies

To see the end of 

all creation again"

(It would seem this line refers to someone dying, the "end of all creation" basically meaning this person's death, quite possibly caused by Samantha. It could be more. This could always be symbolism to "rebirth". But that's really just an idea.)

"See with your eyes

my army of flies

When no one's alive

Bring me 115"

(The "army of flies" refers to the zombies, at best. And... well, yeah. The whole ordeal with the previous chorus. Eh. It's not really non-simplistic. o3o)

“Look to the skies” and after that she says “My army of flies” Hmmmm.

I had a couple of theories:

1- Multiverse theory: Like I said before, I don't like this idea. The aether is timeless, and maybe she could see other timelines.

2- It could be metaphorical, and the first end of creation is the existence of zombies while the other is everyone dying, which leads to the destruction of the human race.

3- It could also mean (continuing on The Meh’s analysis) that when a person dies, this is the first end of creation. The second would be when they die as a zombie.

4- We can’t forget that the “again” parts could mean gameplay wise, each game we think we will save the world and then we see the end of all creation/what we accomplished.


"I've lost all form and unity

Where has my life gone

I'll bring you doom that you can see

and bring you down to see you bleed"


(We've talked on this enough. The old Samantha's gone. Any shred of humanity she held pre-MPD is gone, she's a shallow hole, a shell of what she once was: a peaceful little girl, innocent to the world around her, the hellhole that is planet Earth. And it's all because of what Richtofen did. She's gonna kill him. She wants to kill him. This is the anger she's held for him, this song nearly solidifies that anger.)

I agree, no comments.


In the end, I believe the main purpose of the song is to reintroduce Samantha, and show the players her anger towards Richtofen (and them?). We could see little glimpse of what was yet to come, and appreciate it.

This analysis took way longer than anticipated, with some lines that are hard to analyze and find meaning in them in a coherent way


Honourable mention: FatedTitan's post. I like how he tries and presents the song in another perspective, but I don't think it holds up well. But it is good to see them thinking outside of the box!




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Thank you for going past all these songs. I never really knew the interpretation of the lyrics, cool to see the chronological development going in it

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The relation to the Archangel Gabriel here is interesting, thanks for sharing it. 
Overall 115 is one of the more interesting songs. I can imagine it would make a comeback if a great war map would be a thing. 

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