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Features from non-Treyarch Zombies games you like?

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I don't think I need to say there's at least some level of bias when it comes to Treyarch Zombies as well as the Aether story. I'd like to make an 'appreciation' post for the highlights of the non-Treyarch or non-Aether Zombies games/maps, in hopes that we avoid the biases and opinions of them not being Treyarch. I'll start:


I loved the concept of Infection Rounds from Exo Zombies, and in addition how your body became a zombie if you died from infection. 


I also enjoyed how you could throw grenades while downed in Exo Zombies. 


And lastly, I enjoyed how Infinite Warfare Zombies handled Cameo Appearances, as well as making them playable characters for completing the Easter Eggs of their respective maps.

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All the powerup options of non-Treyarch zombies games have been great. Infinite ammo, infinite grenades, explosive touch, the security one that activates all traps (Okay maybe not that one).


Also appreciate the selectable character aspect of WW2 zombies, even if it might break canon. It's just fun. To extend that, character customization.

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Explosive Touch remains one of my favorite power-ups among all of Zombies, and they even added a shockwave at the end of it so you don't get screwed when the timer runs out 

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I know it sounds cliché, but I liked how WWII Zombies evrnts were based on real historic things. The whole 'Nazi Zombies' condpiracy began when American soldiers discovered an empty sacrophage of Frederick Barbrossa (I believe?) alongside stolen paintings and art, which is exactly what we see in the Final Reich. The bombing at the end of the Easter Egg of the Darkest Shore ties with the bombing of Heligoland at the end of the second world war. I think this is really cool, and seeing how a story correlates with reality makes it more fun to look up things on internet.


As for gameay, I liked the way WWII handled losing perks when being downed: not ibstantly, but the more time goes by the more perks you lose. Doesn't have BO4 copied this idea?

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Infinite Warfare did a lot of things right imo!

1) 5 perk limit for gameplay variation, also allowing for perk returns.
2) Weapon kits / variants system was finished and extensive.
3) Fate and fortune cards were the best MTX system from any zombies team. Unintrusive and less OP than gobbles. 
4) Grenade variants that you can get off the ground essentially. The "ticket" system was amazing and needs to return.
Allowing to swap grenade types midgame and without having to do much outside of general gameplay was genius.
It puts as much of the "pre-game" loadout stuff you had to select in BO4 into the actual gameplay, and without arbitrary mini quests to remember.
5) Map tone in Spaceland and Rave was some of the best from any dev. Amazing environment art and atmosphere. 

I'm sure there are a few other things that I can't think of right now.
Makes me want to get IW on PC and give it another chance ngl.

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