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Now, we all know of Group 601 by now. The superbly mysterious Group that has been referenced since WaW all the way up to Black Ops 3. But we've literally heard nothing about them throughout their long lives in the Zombies Storyline. Not even the Zombies Timeline has a single mention of them. It is my own personal belief that Group 601 is a faction of Group 935 that is controlled by Dr. Richtofen, Dr. Schuster, and Dr. Groph. I believe that Group 601 was created by frustrated members of Group 935 in an effort to make their own mark on the world while Group 935 was stuck in the war effort helping the Nazis. Group 601 could very well be all along the group we've seen functioning in 935 throughout the years. Think of it as Richtofen's own division of 935. Group 601 is simply a secret group of 935 scientists who are loyal to Richtofen. I do have a small bit of proof to back this up.


Remember this image of Group 601? When translated it says "Stage 2: Strength Through Order" Perhaps this was simply the slogan for Group 601 as lead by RIchtofen. The strength through order phrase simply symbolizes Richtofen's dislike of the Nazi ideology coming into 935's research, so it would bring people together through order. Hence making them a stronger scientific group. It's not much to go off of on proof of this concept as Group 601 has barely ever been seen in general, but I personally feel as if it is true. It's my own little head-canon if you will. I think another good theory is that Group 601 is Division 9 before Treyarch fully had the idea of Division 9 in their heads. But this one is faulty in one way, Group 601 still appears in Black Ops 3, and Division 9 were already thought of in Black Ops 3. So what do you think? Is Group 601 truly something bigger, or is it a concept that Treyarch simply forgot about and didn't bother adding onto? I'm curious to see your thoughts on it as this is hardly ever talked about in the community.


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Here's a great thread compiling all 601's appearances that you should check out: 


I totally agree that in-universe Group 601 is most likely Richtofen's sub-faction within 935. The radio towers immediately make me think of the towers from Black Ops 2, and Richtofen clearly planned for to need those towers in advance as he asked the Americans to set one up in a Classified cipher.

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9 hours ago, RadZakpak said:

The radio towers immediately make me think of the towers from Black Ops 2, and Richtofen clearly planned for to need those towers in advance as he asked the Americans to set one up in a Classified cipher.

That actually reminds me of the Global Polarization Device at the mining instalation above the Angolan cave. From Tag der Toten we now know Richthofen discovered Jeberiah Brown's work in Purgatory Point and was now researching it in Angola (and later Siberia). From this I conclude that it was the Doctor himself who (partly) built the Tower in Africa. As the Global Polarization Devices were linked with his M.P.D. Project, I'm gonna guess Maxis did not knew about it nor about Purgatory Point, Jeb Brown, the Vril Rod and Angola. Was Buried then a Group 601 facility? However, the Pack-a-Punch at der Riese would be contradictionary, then.


As a lesser related side note, I guess Jeb Brown lived in the Buried Mansion, where we can see a large portrait of Faraday. Faraday was said to call Vril 'atmospheric magnetism'. Jeb crafted the Vril rod which is believed to be a conduit for the force, possibly based on the Elemental Staves of the Ancients.


 “Nothing can withstand the flood of energy that flows from this staff! The ancients knowledge, harnessed by the power of research. The day approaches when science will master all elemental forces.” -Dr. Richtofen, Origins

Now the HAARP as might be powered by Vril, and be some kind of Global Polarization Device (remember we theorized that? Just an assumption by the way, no real evidence), the Global Polarization Device is distinctly related to Jeb's work on conduiting Vril. Coincidence that Richthofen built it in Angola?

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