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Wallwritings of the test subjects


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Here are the transcriptions of the wallwritings by Richthofen's test subjects, Nikolai, Takeo and Dempsey. It is sad to literally read their mental breakdown and the start of their amnesia. Big thanks to @Korbo26 for the screenshots. 




  • But Nikolai is now VODKA-POWERED! NOTHING can kill Nikolai! 
  • Did you know Stalin himself fears me? Thats why he put me on fron line. He though he could kill Nikolai.
  • But where is vodka.
  • Where is Vodka? I thought I had Extra Bottle
  • Would be better if I had Vodka bottle.




  • I wish I could undo what I have done. I wish I could restore honor to the Masaki name.
  • The Emperor knew... It was betrayal
  • Perhaps time will show it is not I who failed the empire, but the Emperor himself.




  • This serum, these experiments! Sometimes, I wake up and see a face I do not recognise.
  • The German. His experiments are cruel. He is a villian most foul.
  • Lies! The German is my friend! He is my ally! Richthofen starts manipulating them to use his subjects as his own army.
  • We must trust the German, Takeo. He is our only friend.




  • Who the hell are you?
  • Who wrote this
  • Where am I? What is this place?
  • I know who I am! Name's Tank Dempsey! Remember it! Maybe because he wrote this his name is one of the few things he remembered




  • I had no choice. I had to report to the Emperor what I saw at the facility. Takeo was dispatched to oversee the work being done at the Rising Sun Facility
  • It was a great evil, great evil that could not be allowed.
  • The Emperor was right to send me here Full of self-shame, I guess?
  • Our world has been occupied by cruelty. There is no honor in this place.
  • But perhaps time will be kind. Maybe it will be a good teacher. Mister optimist




  • Who wrote all this on the walls??
  • Sorry Peter, we failed you. Peter actually already left the Asylum prior to the Marines arrival.




  • I have brough great dishonor to my family. Remember, Takeo was one of the last of the Samurai dynasty. Suicide over getting captured.
  • Perhaps through this service I can restore honor to the Masaki name. I think he believes the experiments being done on him are for Japan's sake in some way.




  • Trying to ??? their undead army. Still for Nazi-Germany after WW2? @Mattzs mentioned this might be for ODESSA
  • Some sort of Super Soldier program? I guess this is what all the cloning was for. So Takeo, Dempsey and Nikolai are super soldiers? Might explain why Richthofen wanted to awake them so badly for confronting Samantha.
  • Damn Asylum, Damn Sauerkraut messing with my head


  • Success: Two heads! Failure: Only one brain. Seems like 'success' is subjective
  • Failure: Clone screamed for entire duration of its life-span. Simply horrific


  • You think this place will hold me?
  • I escaped Peleliu - I can escape here. Peleliu was also a mission in World at War. So Dempsey fought here as well? He might have been in contact with a Ray Gun prior to Verrückt...
  • Maybe the others made it out alive. Seems like Dempsey was captured before Smokey and John Banana died.
  • Who wrote all this on the walls? Dempsey's mental breakdown on his memories begins.
  • Damn Asylum, Damn Sauerkraut messing with my head.
  • That stuff theyre putting in our heads messing with my memories I guess Element 115 but maybe Apothican blood?
  • If Doctor Sauerkraut thinks he can break me hes got another thing coming - SEMPER FI! Another WaW reference




  • Hooray! Vodka day! Obviously the most important quote



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Just like Nikolai' referencing Stalin's fear (hope more than Drunken Ramblings), Tank's mention of Peleliu is a reference to his BIO from WAW. I'm glad that was kept.



"Trying to ??? their undead army"-  Is the scratched word something that ends in: ner, ver, er, fer, w?



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