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Tag Der Toten Round 100


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Went with the Sulky strategy in the end as it's extremely fast, and I'm all about that. If you do have a few Perkaholics to spare then I'd recommend the strategy I posted last night if you want something easier, it's definitely slower but a respectable 11-12 seconds per horde in the high rounds and it's easier than the Sulky strategy, plus ammo is literally not an issue.


Either way, this is the first time I've ever done a round 100 within the first 24 hours of a map releasing, so I'm happy with that!


FYI, you can get both the Thundergun and the Tundragun out of the box - I got the Tundragun in this game so tried it out, which is basically a combination of the Thundergun and Winter's Howl. Honestly, if you get it, swap it out for the Thundergun, it's inferior. You can't shoot zombies that are right up to your face unless you aim at their feet, and the range is shit.
Ammo became a bit of a struggle but in the high 80s and 90s I got my Alchemical timings down.
Had a really stupid down at the end of round 64 where I had a few zombies left at the end of the round and missed the zipline and got smacked up with no shield on my back lol. Used a few of my Dying Wishes as well once the spawns started getting really mad (and the will get really mad lol), but once I got to grips with the strategy I did alright.
This game could have been much quicker but I had really shitty luck trying to get the Thundergun out of the box, so it took me well over an hour to get to round 50.


Oh, and I chose the Hellfire specialist by mistake, meant to use the Overkill for the nade launcher and by the time I realised in-game I thought screw it, this should still work, definitely not as well but it was okay, I'd recommend the Overkill instead though if you're doing this strategy.

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Think this is probably the first time in BO4 where I've done a round 100 on a map and still wanna play it :623548430421065728:

I might even go for a 100 speedrun on it and see if I can do sub-3 hours. This 100 took me 3hrs 25mins, it took me a bit under 1hr 25mins to get to round 50. So basically if I get to 50 in under an hour then it's possible, and getting to 50 in under an hour is definitely possible with good box luck (my box luck on this attempt was horrific). Also could shorten it down by not doing shield runs and instead just use the elixir to get a new one when needed.

I've still got Voyage to do to have all of the BO4 maps done, but 100 speedrun on Tag is just more exciting to me atm.

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3 minutes ago, Lenne said:

Nice one Pizza, I will miss you once, you have done the round 100 on VoD. ^^


I assume you enjoy this map the most out of all the BO 4 maps?

I'll still be hovering, might even go back to BO3 cause I haven't done even half of those maps!


I think it's actually become my favourite BO4 map, now. It's just got everything that I look for in a map. Great atmosphere, basic setup is simple, fast camping spots, good training spots (especially if you get the heat pack and train in the Beach/old spawn room as you're then unaffected by water), Thundergun, no irritating heavy zombies, dog rounds, fairly simple layout and free methods of getting around in the flingers and ziplines. Suppose where we haven't played as Victis in forever that adds a fun factor in as well. So yeah, this season has ended on a high for me ?

You managed to play much of it yet?

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8 hours ago, anonymous said:

Unbelievable how fast after the release of this map you haven't merely been able to reach round 100, but also wrote a thread about it. GG!

First time I've ever done a round 100 within the first 24 hours of release tbh! First time I've even attempted to do so though tbf, with this map though I new most of the layout already and it was simple to set up, so yeah ?

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15 hours ago, ZombiesAteMyPizza! said:

First time I've ever done a round 100 within the first 24 hours of release tbh! First time I've even attempted to do so though tbf, with this map though I new most of the layout already and it was simple to set up, so yeah ?

I haven't played either CotD or Tag, but are the layouts pretty much the same? Or has Tag more new areas to explore?

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3 hours ago, anonymous said:

I haven't played either CotD or Tag, but are the layouts pretty much the same? Or has Tag more new areas to explore?

Major differences are, there's an area at the back of COTD (old Staminup area) which has been completely changed and is now the new spawn, new doors have been added to the hut and you start behind it which wasn't even an accessible area in COTD. Also there's now the research facility at the top of the mountain which you can only access via zipline. Other than that, like 95% of the main part of the map is the same layout, even a couple of the perk machines are in the exact same spot as old perk machines on the boat.


This video gives a great side-by-side comparison of all the areas, the major difference in the mountaintop lab can be seen at 1:44 - you see it's just mountains in the background in COTD, whereas in Tag there's the facility up there. The facility has got a Der Riese feel about it, sweet old school Group 935 vibes ?


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20 hours ago, ProjectKMR said:

I think I may go for some high round challenges throughout all the Zombie maps. Consider yourself an inspiration mate, you've got my creativity a-flowin!

Was a few months in before I decided I might do it, was just a bit of an idea at that point though cause I'd only done Classified and DOTN at that point and I haven't even really played the rest of the maps. Got Ancient Evil done pretty quickly though and while I was waiting for DLC3 I managed to get Blood and IX done, helped a lot that IX is such a simple map so it took me like a day to learn it, whereas Blood is a lot more complicated. Wasn't sure about it once AO came out, cause I didn't like it, didn't have a good first impression of Voyage either, but got AO done in the end and I've still not done Voyage but I've practiced my setup and actually quite like the map now. Then along came Tag and I really liked it and the setup was very simple, so I got it done within 24 hours. Now assuming there's no DLC5, Voyage is all I've got left to do ?


Side note, that Tag 100 is pulling in loads of subscribers lol, I was about 200 when I uploaded it and I'm at 285 as I write this. Never been bothered about growing my channel and mostly just upload to share on forums like this, nice to know people like my content though.

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On 9/27/2019 at 9:42 PM, ZombiesAteMyPizza! said:

You managed to play much of it yet?

Heya, friend.

I played for 20 rounds yesterday, I certainly like the simplicity of getting PaP, sadly I haven't gotten the Thundergun out of the box, or that WW Sniper, but I had a bunch of fun regardless. Now I didn't know how to get to the lab, which I'll look up, the next time I play.


Pretty good map so far. Certainly better than AO.

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