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Alpha Omega Achievement List


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Electromagnetic Awakening Party

In Alpha Omega, begin Nikolai’s Grand Scheme


Checkpoint Zulu

In Alpha Omega, survive the first 20 rounds without leaving Security Checkpoint

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Ray Gun Bonanza

In Alpha Omega, construct all Ray Guns in a single match

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Entrapment Entrepreneur

In Alpha Omega, kill 11 zombies with 5 different traps

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Nuketown Hustle

In Alpha Omega, unlock the Pack-a-Punch machine by round 5

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In Alpha Omega, kill 115 zombies with Galvaknuckles in a single match

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Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!

In Alpha Omega, buy all four perks in any order in 35 seconds or less

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In Alpha Omega, stun 10 zombies at once with the Ray Gun Mk. II-V

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Experimental Prototype

In Alpha Omega, construct a Ray Gun

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It's a Toss-Up

In Alpha Omega, kill 15 Jolting Jacks on rooftops with grenades in a single match

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