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Various games and ideas using Custom Mutations. Each various topic or game separated by #####...more or less.


New ideas will be at the end...




1###Custom Mode: "Voyage of Clones". (Updated full rules).


In Voyage of Clones, I aim to recreate a more dangerous feel to the SoE zombie cloning (now patched on next gen) where you could be fighting 40+ walkers on round 1. Only now they are much tougher to kill and get more numerous as rounds progress.


Class Set Up: Put the machine pistol on your class. No Stamin Up, Victorious Tortoise, or Secret Sauce allowed. Stone Cold Stronghold recommended. Dying Wish could be turned off or used as 1+ bonus lives. The rest is up to you.


(For new players, start with 50k points and on Round 1, use this mode to suss out where things are on the map, while having silly fun. A great way to explore).


I chose the Voyage map for its close quarters for this mode.




Full edited rules: Enter Custom Mutations, then Edit Game Rules link. If I don't mention a specific toggle, leave it at default setting.


#General: Starting Round = 25, Special Rounds = off.


#Systems: Mystery Box = all on, Perks = Secret Sauce, Stamin Up, and Victorious Tortoise are off. Powerups; Allow x2, Carpenter, Fire Sale, Instakill, Max Ammo, Nuke = off (Allow Special Weapon and Allow Bonus Points are still on). Allow Wall Buys = off.


#Weapons: Allow Shield = off.


#Enemies: Basic Zombies; Crawlers = off, Zombie Spread = loose, Max Speed = walk, Damage Multiplyer = half, Health Multiplier = half. Special Zombies; Heavy = off, Mini-Boss = off, Catalyst = off, Vermon = off. (Tigers still spawn in IX on regular rounds).


#Player: Health; Starting Health = -3 bars, Regen Delay = short, Regen Speed = short. Points; Starting Points = 2500 (50,000 to explore). Last Stand; Last Stand Duration = off (1 life).




It seems impossible to die, but then you are suddenly surrounded. I found this quite entertaining.


Tweek the rules to make it harder or easier, like no Special Weapon + higher rounds, or use Shield + VT, or whatever twists that you desire. I know that I'll keep tinkering with it.




2###"Start Room Challenge": Any map, lock the doors for no escape from the Start Room. If applicable (VoD), set a useful perk at Start, or spam Secret Sauce for what might help at your current round. Set start weapon.


2a###Voyage of Despair Start Room Tweeks: If you go to Edit Rules, you can lock all doors, but then power on all power doors in the Power toggles. This will open the "red door" of the Start Room while leaving "blue doors" locked. This allows access to a small running area below the Forecastle, with the Vapr wallbuy to give you a better wallbuy gun (you may put ?box to "All on" for a ?box down here too). But turning power doors on also powers the Portal on the Forecastle (and others on the ship), so you can portal to the Poop Deck and back, you can drop off mid-ship (coming from either direction) and then take another portal (millionaire suites?) to Provisions, which is below and accessable to the Poop Deck, so you end up playing in 3 large areas, but still only have the Start Room Perk available. If you power on the PaP (in rules edit), you can PaP guns. An odd little game mode, or just a few better gun choices if you stay in Start Room.




3###Moar of Ix: "Special Tower".


(in progress...) Rules: Set Special weapon recharge to fast. Never leave your Tower. Perk in 2 Towers allowed (entry tower and chosen tower). Last Stand = off. Starting Points = 10000. Starting round 15.


Map: Pick a Tower. Go through either Danu (left door from center arena) or Ra (right door) to your Tower through the underground tunnels. Do not open any other doors. Go nuts with special weapons.


(Opening Ra to underground doors of both Zues and Odin means that you could add Shield to some map builds, and even grab the perk, but then we are getting real close to just playing a full Ix game instead of a quick survival map).


(Yes, I call this map "icks" instead of "9", hence the small x in Ix. I'm just unsane).




#More of Moar of Ix: "Nine" offers no real great treats or strange ways of playing beyond simply opening small sections for a short game or changing enemy types. So I'll not go into complex map thoughts, but I'll suggest these; (ignore perks, use good perks, or goof around with odd perks).


A. Ix "Lone Temple": Open 1 door from start to Danu or Ra, no other doors. 1 perk, limited guns, limited map space of upper, middle and lower Tower, and the Start Arena. 


B. Ix "Double Trouble"; Open both Start Doors: 2 Perks, limited guns.


C. Ix "Pick a Loop"; Open 1 Tower, go underground through another Tower to Start Arena for a loop. Could be Danu to Ra for a short loop, or Danu (or Ra) through Zues (or Odin) for a longer loop, including the pit, the PaP room and more guns. If you do Ra first to Odin/Zues, just 1 more door (Zues or Odin) means that you can add the Shield to your loop (built in pit in tunnels).




Enemies Toggles Games (in progress): I'm trying to suss out what ONLY toggles in the ENEMIES section of RULES EDIT do.


Playing versus big zombies only is amusing. With Catalyst Only on VoD, the blue guys have no regular zombies to taint so they only come after you. 


VoD: Heavy = Large Fire zombie. Miniboss = Blightfather. Catalyst (4 types) = 1. Blue water guys, 2. Gas zombies, 3. Lightning (SL Shrieker) zombies, and 4. small Fire zombies. Vermin = none (you will get regular zombies if you set this toggle to ONLY). So Catalyst Only means you will fight 4 types at once, making for a new game altogether. Mini boss only on VoD is creepy: being on a sinking ship followed by those things.


IX: Heavy is Axe Man and Useless guy. Miniboss = Blightfather. Catalysts = 4 zombie types. Vermin = nothing(?). (Where are Tigers? Maybe Tigers are vermin, but can't be Only?).


BotD: Heavy = Warden(?), Vermin = Dogs. No catalysts. No Mini-boss. (Edit: I hear that Mini-boss is the Warden, with no Heavy. I'm not sure how I could have messed this up, but I need to check this. Sorry for bad info, only human)


IX or VoD. Miniboss only. "I am your Blightfather". I suggest starting with some points if not 50k to get a good gun set up as they give little points. The BF pukes on everything, making it cost 500 more to unlock. As rounds progress, you fight more and more of these per round, but not quite on a 1 extra BF per round rate. The Sentry Gun equipment actually helps more than most equipment, but that's not saying much.


BotD: "Blood of the Doge". Vermin = Dogs. I have not sussed out a great game mode yet, but I tried "Vermin only" (dogs) "quadruple spawn rate" (round 5-6 feel like a high round with so many dogs spawning). I had Doors "all open", "power on", "power doors open", "50,000 points at start", "PaP always on". Getting caught in the open is a quick death, but some camp spots make this easy (PaP LMG in Warden's House, camp by it). I'll work on making a viable game mode out of it, but this is where I started. No Shield due to no Warden (maybe put "Special Rounds" to on, turn "Heavy on"?), no Hells Retriever (can't feed dogs), but Wraith Fire melts dogs better anyway.




###VoD "Titanic Camper": This mode is a zombie camping mode, to headshot zombies until round 30+. 


Spot that I used: From Start, go up steps on right to top, turn 180°, go into corner (little window house on corner of ship, there is one on either side of the ship, which is not how the real Titanic was, but I digress). You can enter State Rooms from the Grand Staircase and camp the inside of the (750) lower Start Room doors. Best with 2 or 4 players, 1 or 2 in each little dead end. You can camp at the bottom of the Grand Staircase.


CM Rules edit: All special zombies off. All Doors open, PaP = all on, ?box = all on. Simply grab the Artifact to open power doors (or set Power doors to all open, but this combo of doors has glitched the side 'lifeboat path' so that the lifeboat appears there, but you can walk through it, but there is an invisible wall at bottom edge. You can still go to the other side of the ship and get to the poop deck though, instead. If you simply grab the Artifact to open 'power doors', you get no glitch, so I recommend that method).


Variable rules: Make this as hard or easy as you like. High health, but no regen or low health, fast regen. Use crappy or great Special Weapons, or turn them off, or alter the rate of recharge. Shield could be on or off. You could just start with 50,000 and open doors instead, this could create some 2+ player camping spots.


Basically, you want to just grab guns, PaP them, get perks, and camp and headshot. It takes a while to roam to each perk, get and PaP guns, but then it is just "old's cool" camping until 30+. Claymores can help.


Alternate 2+ players camp: Using 50k points method (doors not open in rules edit), open to and get the Sentinel Artifact. From there, drop down by KN57 wallbuy, walk past Workbench, up steps, go up wooden ramp, cut across ship to Starboard side and keep heading forward on that side. You will pass (assault rifle) wallbuy (a good gun choice for this camp spot due to location). Shortly after, go down the steps which bring you under this wallbuy. Head back towards the Poop deck until you are at a dead end in a small room (you will pass the GKS wallbuy down here). There will be a "points door" here, leave it closed. Some zombies come in the window, the rest through the door. Some zombies have a long walk and so the camping is fairly easy, but it gets a little rough solo so I suggest at least 2 people.


There are a few good 2+ player camp spots for zombies only, but it's hard to describe all locations off of the top of my head. By the Perk in the dining area, with the 2 doors to the grand staircase closed is nice.


In IX, you could hold down a few spots with a friend or 3 with these settings, like the Danu Dead End: Keep tunnel door near Danu closed, and keep tunnel door of Danu closed. 1 on (spiral staircase out of map) 'window' and the rest look past Danu (enter through Ra to tunnels from start).


Edit: VoD, Turbine room. Go to Poop Deck, down to Engine Room, and Turbine Room. Stand with Portal behind you, and move up either side to where zombies come from above/side and drop down. Camp there. Decent camp spot for this, with Portal escape route.




###BotD: "Box and Bottle II". Here is a quick start game mode for BotD. This tiny map with these rules is a very fun and quick "jump in and play" game.


Map Rules: You may not open "The Catwalk".


You must open the Dog Room/?Box Room by Start. You must open the Power/Perk area by Start. You may open the tunnel between ?box and Perk/Power. (How you open this is up to you; make a loop through all rooms, or come around 1 way or the other with a door still closed, or open the perk area, open the ?box area while leaving the tunnel closed. You must be able to reach both the ?box and the perk is all).


Rules edit: Under "Enemies", Heavy = off (Could be On), Vermin (dogs) = on (double or quadruple spawn rate if desired). "Systems", Mystery Box = all on, PaP = all on. "Weapons", Special Weapon = off. "Player", Last Stand Duration = off.


You have a small running map, 1 ?Box, 1 PaP, 1 Perk, 1 life, and 1 trap, with a few wallbuys (or not). A quick and easy "old's cool" game.


#Variations and ideas:


Secret Sauce perk to add randomness, buy until you get what you like. Set Victorious Tortoise, Mule Kick, and Dying Wish as your other 3 perks, so that these can't be produced by Secret Sauce (for example).


Maybe you want (Vermin) Dogs only, or (miniboss) Wardens only. 


Maybe turn off wallbuy guns for a ?box-only adventure. This and the Secret Sauce perk for a very random game. (You can keep rebuying the perk. You will not get a perk that is in the other 3 perk slots, but you could set them all to secret sauce. You can turn off certain perks, like you'll never need Victorious Tortoise in the base mode).


You can ban individual guns so that you can't get them from the ?Box. This way, each hit will be a good gun. Turn off Power Ups and wallbuys to force gun changes for ammo.


If you simply play this area only in a regular game (no custom rules), this is an easy spot to wallbuy and level up the Vapr (to get the cool bayonet stab). Get all Perks, return here, or just play this mini map without Custom Mutations.


Tweek the rules until satisfied.




##Shield Fun on VoD: PaP always on. Doors open. 50k points. (Victorious Tortoise). (Adjust rules to taste, I like Last Stand off, maybe use Dying Wish).


Get Artifact. Get shield parts and buy perks (Victorious Tortoise Required). Build Shield. Put start gun in PaP and leave it there. Kill with shield, use Specials on bigger enemies. Shield pistol for instakill. 


Perk suggestion: VT, Stamin Up, Death Perception, Timeslip. With Timeslip or Death Perception as Modifier.


It's dumb, with little replay value, but it is fun enough to try once or twice.




Fun zombies settings: Not loving BO4? Tired of some bad design decisions constantly hurting your zombie fun? Well, try these;


Systems, ?Box = Always on. In WaW Zombie Verrückt, the box began to move. Mildly amusing, not a big deal,  it never went to an unopened area. Shi No Numa, 4 man camping the box hut was normal. But since then, the box moving just became a stale happening whose time has past. It does not need to move on every map. Given the large size of some maps, save yourself from this unnecessary busywork.


Enemies, Special Zombies = off (or reduced spawn). Knock off zombies are a huge detraction from the fun in BO4. Make them go away or adjust as desired.


Systems, Pack a Punch = always on. Mostly for VoD. Hunting PaP machine, given its necessity in BO4, is dumb. This fixes that.


Player, Health: Adjust up or down, or adjust the rate of health returning. Health takes a long time to come back, fix that with this. Too easy? Then tweak it the other way.


Player, Starting Points: To get used to the map or jump start your game, increase starting points. You could put a set amount of total points that you can spend, for an entirely different game, you will not earn any points.


Weird: Zombie STARTING and MAX SPEED at Super Sprint. It's almost easy with super duper hyper zombies. If you set MAX SPEED to walk, Warden just wanders about, Dogs seem fat and unhealthy. (ENEMIES tab, Basic Zombies in Rules Edit).


Enemies, Basic zombies (Specials too), set health and damage multiplyers to half. Player, set health regen to fast. Great for camping. You really take a lot to die when trapped. 




###The long and winding IX: 1 long, continuous path around IX. Map build.


Rules: Open these doors only; Open Ra from start, open upstairs bridge (by perk) to Danu, open bottom door of Danu to tunnels, turn left and continue to Fallen Hero (?Box here) and open the door, head to the furthest Tower (Zeus, iirc) and open the bottom door, head upstairs and open the bridge between Zeus and Odin, then head down this last tower (Odin?) to the middle and open the door to Start. You may not open any other doors. No other rules restrictions.




BotD: Hell Pits (Can you Hell Pit?)


The CM Rules: Turn Power to ON, give yourself some points. (If you go by the dog head area in the cellblock, a game bug starts killing you...I'll have to play with this...).


The idea: With Power On, you can take the Hell tunnels to 1 of 3 "Pits" and fight there until dead (or leave between rounds, or whatever brings you joy). The Tunnel (connected to Dog room,  and New Industries) near start connects to Cafeteria, and the Laundry Room and Warden's House connect to each other .You can get to one of these locations, and then use the Tunnel to travel to the other end, then leave the doors there closed for a "Pit" map.


Tunnel/Dog room: Camp by door to New Industries or use the trap and train by dog head. Use tunnel from Cafeteria, after crossing catwalk.


Cafeteria: Run in circle. Get here from Tunnel near Start.


Laundry Room: This can't be closed off. You can't get to Warden's house without opening past here, so you can't "Pit" this (barring ABH! Shenanigans). (Edited).


Warden's House: You can almost camp by Warden's Office door by dog head. Tight training. Get here from Laundry room. Leave Warden's office closed.


Playing with the bug: Create the bug; Go to tunnel and use hell tunnel to Cafeteria, then open the large door (little door must remain closed). Get to Warden's office. You can come out of Warden's office into main jail, 50 feet down the main hall the game thinks that you are out of bounds (this is near and below, but not under, the jail dog head), so get slightly in bounds. No zombies load or enter the "out of bounds" bug area, so you can face the Warden's office and headshot. The fan trap kills most zombies. Opening the small Cafeteria door, or the door above the doghead kills this bug. Setting (Player tab, health, health regen set to fast) fast regen means the bug can't kill you as you heal too quickly.




Crawlers only: Under Enemies/regular, you can set Crawlers to ONLY. This will still allow other zombies (dogs, heavies, et cetera). This is an odd way to play, easily surrounded, hard to headshot, yet they are easy to outrun. I tried this with headshots only and it was quite difficult. Amusing gameplay.


Using only the "Shield soul suck" on them is funny, especially with Victorious Tortoise. Maybe PaP your gun away and only use Shield and Special.




BotD Citadel Tunnels Camp: Power must be on in Edit Rules for some of these (Mess with rules; Half zombie strength, double recharge speed on Specials and Wraith Fire...stuff like that).


1. Enter Citadel Tunnels from top: Go to bottom then 1a or 1b.  (Use gondola to open power switch section from outside. Do not open the double doors by Power Switch, nor the door by the perk). This requires Power On in Rules Edit.


1a: Camp by the curve with the Perk door closed, or... (You can open the power-area double doors at bottom, but not recomended).


1b: Camp by the double doors to power. Zombies come out window and from left corner only. (You can open Perk door, but not recommended). You can camp here without Rules Edit, but you will need to eventually open Perk Door to Power.


2. Come from gondola to Power Switch. Open either the double doors, the Perk door, or both. Go up the spiral 'stairs' by Shield Part locations to the top. Go up the long steps and camp there. Start camping at the bottom, only back up as needed. These are very fast zombie loads, it is hard to reload, be sure to have 4 perks for Speed Fauxla. This requires Power On in Rules Edit.




More to come...



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On 12/27/2018 at 6:10 PM, anonymous said:

Didnt even knew this was possible in BO3. Shame on me

Well, my fellow poster, this is BO4 general, not BO3...


Or did you mean zombie cloning? That still works on 360: Round 1-3, gather up zombies, Use beast, zap all zombies then do the usual beast stuff. After you are human again, each zapped zombie will respawn as twins.


I think you can just wound them and run away and they would spawn a twin too. 

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I haven't tried CM even though I was looking forward to it the most. Do you gain xp with those matches, @83457?

Thank you for these "game modes" I can barely come up with my own strategies so I apreciate you thinking for me in regards to doing these little games. 

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Thanks Lenne. No xp. You do get the pre-elixir vials only (liquid divinium type vials, I forget the name).


But the CM adds some more fun to BO4 zombies. With BO3, I hit master prestige in 5 weeks, with BO4 being generally less fun (and currently only 3 maps for me as compared to the 14 I got at the end of BO3), I think I'll just sit at L55 without prestiging for a while, and spend some time on both regular games and CMs, to maximize the joy.


There are some good toggles in CM, but I feel that they missed lots of obvious options, like: last zombies don't run, wall/box guns come PaP'd, start with perks in inventory (don't have to buy perks), start with gun X, shuffle or place gun wall buys on walls (placing them might need too much code work, but maybe randomize the wall guns),...others.


The bots in zombies are super human. If I don't start with 50k points and get PaP'd early, they'll leave me in the dust: they instakill groups of zombies at round 30 when my gun is taking seconds to kill 1 zombie. I'm quitting games with 400 kills and each bot has over 1000 (I've barely used bots due to their overzealousness). Maybe I'm not be the best, but these bots are too good and aggressive, they could use some difficulty options to tone them down (there are much worse players than me that will have more trouble).


On the flip side, the Multiplayer bots need to be set on Veteran (toughest) and they are still easy to beat, they need a difficulty increase. I'll play tdm 1 versus 6 enemy bots and they are scrubs. Hopefully these difficulty levels get tweeked over time.


What the CM is really, really good for: cutting out busywork. Take VoD, if I start with 50k and all ?Boxes on, all PaP on, I can just play the game. I, personally, don't get joy searching a giant ship for the current PaP location, nor do I enjoy chasing the box around. I feel that some of these changes to zombies have only been negatives, and CM let's me turn these negatives off.


I'm really hoping for some "back to basics zombies"; ?box never moves, 1 PaP with simple activation, simple camping and training. BO4 is a large move in the wrong direction for zombies and we are seeing the predicted results. Hopefully Treyarch can turn this around with better DLC.


Happy gaming!



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1 minute ago, HolyShtItsAZombie said:

This actually sounds pretty cool, I might have to try it.

Welcome to the Forums, friendo! I see you've browsed through quite some posts recently. May I know if you are familiar with and interested in the Storyline? Otherwise I really recommend the story discussion, R&D and Asylum sections of this site. Also, since what game are you around playing zombies?

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2 minutes ago, anonymous said:

Welcome to the Forums, friendo! I see you've browsed through quite some posts recently. May I know if you are familiar with and interested in the Storyline? Otherwise I really recommend the story discussion, R&D and Asylum sections of this site. Also, since what game are you around playing zombies?

I mostly play BO4 zombies, I have played BO3 zombies however I haven't really appreciated zombies until BO4.


The Choas storyline is whatever, but the Aether storyline is the best. I prefer the Choas maps though, however, the story in my opinion, is dull.

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On 3/31/2019 at 6:26 PM, HolyShtItsAZombie said:

I mostly play BO4 zombies, I have played BO3 zombies however I haven't really appreciated zombies until BO4.


The Choas storyline is whatever, but the Aether storyline is the best. I prefer the Choas maps though, however, the story in my opinion, is dull.

I agree. Gameplay wise the Chaos maps are top notch stuff. At least the first three. I have to properly give AE a try.

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