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The Kino 1975 note has been changed!

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So in-case you didn't know, Kino der Toten (and I believe Five too) featured this bizarre note.



This note was never fully cracked of it's knowledge. We don't know who the Doctor is. Automatically you assume Richtofen or Maxis. But then you get that second last sentence. "at this Time" seems awfully out of place, like they do not belong in that time. Then you look at the date and it kind of fits. 23rd of January 1975, 12 years after Kino der Toten takes place. So we're dealing with time travel. Of course that fits in Zombies, but even to this day, and even with the help of the Zombies Timeline, it has still never made sense. Kino has always been weird, and while the timeline does establish it in 63 now, there are still oddities about it like the Fernsehturm TV Tower, which did not begin construction until 1965 (2 years after Kino), as well as teleporting to Samantha's Room/The House, and a destroyed version. And this note of course. While Doctor Monty's inclusion could give us who that note is about, it doesn't explain who sent it, and what it's really all about...

That is until today. I was going through Kino Remastered. I checked all 3 locations of this note (Maxis Office/PaP Room, Five/Pentagon Room, and underneath the stairs next to the stage). Two of these were the exact image above, straight up texture copy. The 3rd one (underneath the stairs) is different. Take a look.




Going between both notes, some obvious differences are that it's a lot cleaner now. The font and readability of it is also greatly improved now. There are some small differences that may actually be pretty big in the long run.




I have circled in the same colour the differences between each. Top is the new note, and bottom is the original.


Blue: FS ER has become FS FR (it is possible this was FR originally)


Green: All the words in the table at the bottom are now empty.

Yellow: GWO becomes GKO

In the new one, the sentence is "We are aware on how he arrived at this time and space". In the original, it is possibly "We are unsure on how he arrived at this time and space". It is very hard to tell though.


Why would they change this? Why would they only just change on and not the rest? And what does this mean? Could we finally get an answer to this note? It atleast shows us that Treyarch is listening, and is interested in this note (same with Group 601). Otherwise why do this?


I have hope this will be figured out one day.



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Interesting. Great catch!

Could the notes be connected to the illuminati? 

Five did feature the All Seeing Eye and the timeline's now recognizes Richtofen's alliance with them.


Maybe they are keeping track of Richtofen and his time travel plans? That would explain why the new note has changed.

Edited by Mattzs

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After zooming in on the circled differences you mentioned, I believe that only the Red and Green sections are the ones that have changed. The ink spot is in the way in the blue section, and for the yellow section, I can see how it looks like to be a W but it could be just how it looked in BO1 so it's still GKO. 

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6 hours ago, ram_dawg said:

After zooming in on the circled differences you mentioned, I believe that only the Red and Green sections are the ones that have changed. The ink spot is in the way in the blue section, and for the yellow section, I can see how it looks like to be a W but it could be just how it looked in BO1 so it's still GKO. 

I feel the same. I think it's just for the longest time, we had thought it was ER for Edward Richtofen. So I won't count that as a full change, but just a possible one.

As for the GKO/GWO. It is very hard to tell what the middle letter is in the original. I thought it looked like a W, but it's possible it was just a very squished K.

What are your thoughts on that second last sentence though? I can't tell if "Aware" is in the original or if it said "Unsure/Unaware"

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Yeah that's a tough one. It definitely looks like it says "We are unaware" in the original but I'm not 100% sure. Some possibilities:

1) Zilinski definitely didn't make things easy when it came to finding out where the story was heading so this was just one way he made it difficult for us

2) Blundell decided to clarify this note and help us out a bit

3) Blundell changed that sentence along with the green and red section since this could possibly be in a slightly different universe

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There are more changes and new Easter eggs. A hide and seek game (similar to the Fly Trap) in Shi No Numa, zombies wearing clothes with the Group 935 logo on it, the Shadow Man hat in Kino der Toten and Ascension, and much more. Still loads of stuff to find in ZC. Once I have more time, I might be able to write a guide. Or a theory. Several theories already pop up in my head

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Well the sender in all prior Illuminati notes have been FS ER = Faithful Servant Edward Richthofen.  Not sure why it's now FR but honestly I wouldn't astonished if it's just typo in the new note by Treyarch.


Anyways I have tried to dechiper the sender with Black Ops terminal decoder. Though it seems I have always typed it wrong so if someone wants to test that try it now with the IHCOMESOO.


Hey at least MysteryMachineX can't denied anymore that it's '75 ;D

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