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"Sabotage" DLC 1 Trailer - New Zombies Mode Announced!

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Christmas came just a wee early for many Zombies enthusiasts, as Infinity Ward has just released the sneakpeek trailer for Infinite Warfare's DLC 1 titled "Sabotage". This installment include 4 new Multiplayer maps and the next zombies mode, "Rave in the Redwoods".




Themed after the horror-cult setting of an abandoned cabin in the woods, our Zombies in Spaceland characters return with new weapons, new outfits, and new threats - including the shadowy figure called "The Slasher". Will this be another quest for the additional Soul Key piece?

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I must say, that Rave in the Redwoods looks neat. It reminds me a bit of Farm and Cabin in the woods in Green Run, and also of the big hut in Shi No Numa. But when that guy says "and then everything comes alive" it looks way to colourfull. Hope that is only temporary

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@InfestLithium are we actually sure it is a completely new mode?


The beginning of the footage looks really cool and does seem like a new mode alltogether. Which would be something I always hoped Treyarch would do as well. A full and real horror experience that actually makes you affraid. Not just creepy like Verrückt or MotD.


Cause let's be honest here being an overpowered super soldier with magical guns gets boring after 8 years.


If IW actually will implement something really new and fresh (at least for the cod series) I will think about getting all the dlc when it is all said and done, but Spaceland feels just like a CoD zombies map and if the other maps take the same route, I will be happy with deleting Infinite Warfare.

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SABOTAGEing this franchise ; ) 

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