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Revelations Prologue


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WOW! I'm blown away. The ending of Origins makes sense now. Good lord. The Apothicons are the ancient evil. They're the ones that Samantha warned the original Richtofen about during Moon, aren't they? They're the ones who put the mobsters through their hell. Well maybe not the last one. But it can't be a coincidence that this map's first trailer used the Mob round music, right? And that's when the plot really started getting serious!


And wow. Maxis. Wow. Mind blown!

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Lately with Black Ops III, I can usually find something to not be happy about, rightly so in my opinion. However, this prologue looks absolutely amazing. So many answers. So much story progression. More so than the past three intros combined in my opinion. So yes. Cool. Very cool. Let's see how the map itself holds up, and, more importantly, the ending.


Also, bonus points for finally seeing what young Maxis looks like.

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So the Apothicons have been sending 115 to all the dimensions. They sent the meteor to Shi No Numa, and I bet they and the Shadow Man were the ones speaking to Richtofen after he touched the MPD. They led him (and Maxis too) into destroying the Earth in the original timeline.


Now it makes sense. I wondered years ago if 115 was the source of all evil somehow. And now we know it kinda is - in that the Apothicons sent it to the original timeline and caused all the horrors, from the Flesh to the walkers to the missiles to everything. It makes sense!


and this is why Monty cautioned against trusting Richtofen. It's because he was following Maxis, who was susceptible to evil since he didn't have his soul. Mind blown!

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