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A weird flower vase at the dragon comand room, etc.

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Hey there! this is my first post in this forum, i've been playing zombies since Die Rise was able in PC, and im a total fan of this "gamemode".


Well, what brings me here, are a lot of questions about what i think can be "secrets" not yet found in gorod krovi, and some personal doubts about some sounds i hear while i play this "new" map.


Im a PC player, so i get the maps 1 month later, so maybe this have alredy been solved, but i've searched videos about it and i cant find anything.


Well, while i was exploring the map, the first time i played it, i noticed that in the dragon comand, upstairs to te left, there is a table, on that table there is a flower vase, that if you interect with it (F, X or square) it will be grabbed by the character, at first, i thought that could be part of a step for the main easter egg, but then, i saw the easter egg and it has nothing to do with it. Its not like those wings, or helmets that you can equip after getting the gauntlet. Maybe its like that kinda jar in the teleporter room in Der Eisendrache, the one that gave you a free mega gobblegum if you traveled to the past, but i dont see a way to use it, its weird too, that it only seems to apear while playing solo, or at least in that spot, cause i've played with more people and the vase is not there anymore, if anyone knows what is it for, it would be great to tell me :D


Another thing that i wanted to talk about, its a question, you know the challenges that you get, those about breaking valkyre drones arms, or kill with tramps, things like that, sometimes, i dont get those challenges, but when i do it, it sounds like i've acomplished a challenge, but not really. Is it a bug? does it works for something else? 



Well, i think thats it for this post, im sorry if its hard to understand, my inglish is not that good, its kinda bad actually, but i do what i can :( 


Whithout much left to say, thank you for reading and good luck ;)




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The Part About the Vase is Not solved afaik


The Sounds you hear are completion Sounds for the Helmet Shield or the Wings etc. 



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The candle and the flowers are unsolved EEs at the moment. There are several different audio cues during EEs and upgrade processes. Some of them are solved, but at least one is not.

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I really like your idea of this being another free GG easter egg! I'm gonna try placing them back down somewhere in the map, like the hatchery or something.

Also, you here's a quick explanation of those sounds you're hearing. You'll hear one sound if you shoot the arms or cameras off a Valkyrie, and this means you can now go by a mannequin opposite to Juggernog and equip a Valkyrie helmet.

You'll hear another one once you shoot armor off enough Russian Manglers, but I can't remember where to pick up the Mangler Helmet.

The last sound you'll hear is if you ride the dragon enough you'll be able to pick up the Dragon Wings from floor 3 of the Department Store from a mannequin facing the wall (just run around till you see it)

Other than that I'm not sure. But there's also something you could try to play around with. There is also a candle that (when playing solo) will spawn in the Supply Depot on the left of the Gobblegum machine in there. You have to use the Dragon Shield or Tiamat's Maw to light the candle (use fire attack) before you can pick it up. Perhaps this has something to do with the flowers?

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The vase mystery has been SOLVED. I see no mention of it on here, but I give all the credit to MrRoflWaffles and GlitchingQueen.


Basically you have to obtain the vase, light a candle, and kill about 50 zombies with the monkey bombs. Then go back to the spawn challenge area, toss a monkey and look toward the fire. It gives you the upgraded monkey bombs. My steps are the jist of what to do, please look up the videos of whom I gave credit to. It was by watching their videos I learned of this.

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