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  1. Hey there!, last time i posted here i posted about a weird objects in Gorod Krovi, they ended up being the parts required for the monkey bomb upgrade. Well, when Revelations arrived at PC/X ONE and i played it for the first time, i saw arround the map the "jars" that you used in Der Eisendrache in the 3rd step for getting the storm bow. They are located in 3 different spots: The first one is located in origins, in the left door you open to generator 2, look to the right and there it is, under the table. The second one its in Verruckt, you take the jumpad from motd to verruckt, go to the table where the shield part can be found, on other table, just to the left of that one, is the second one. The third and last one is in kino, in the projector room, look to the stage, then a little bit to the right and there it is. I dont know why those should be on the map, it makes no sense, i dont know what could it do, i just know there are in the map, and look kinda suspicious. I thought someone would've discoverded it by the time i posted something, but it looks like it hasnt been solved yet. I apologise if my inglish is not that good, or if my redaction is horrible, im trying my hardest to do this readable.
  2. Hey there! this is my first post in this forum, i've been playing zombies since Die Rise was able in PC, and im a total fan of this "gamemode". Well, what brings me here, are a lot of questions about what i think can be "secrets" not yet found in gorod krovi, and some personal doubts about some sounds i hear while i play this "new" map. Im a PC player, so i get the maps 1 month later, so maybe this have alredy been solved, but i've searched videos about it and i cant find anything. Well, while i was exploring the map, the first time i played it, i noticed that in the dragon comand, upstairs to te left, there is a table, on that table there is a flower vase, that if you interect with it (F, X or square) it will be grabbed by the character, at first, i thought that could be part of a step for the main easter egg, but then, i saw the easter egg and it has nothing to do with it. Its not like those wings, or helmets that you can equip after getting the gauntlet. Maybe its like that kinda jar in the teleporter room in Der Eisendrache, the one that gave you a free mega gobblegum if you traveled to the past, but i dont see a way to use it, its weird too, that it only seems to apear while playing solo, or at least in that spot, cause i've played with more people and the vase is not there anymore, if anyone knows what is it for, it would be great to tell me :D Another thing that i wanted to talk about, its a question, you know the challenges that you get, those about breaking valkyre drones arms, or kill with tramps, things like that, sometimes, i dont get those challenges, but when i do it, it sounds like i've acomplished a challenge, but not really. Is it a bug? does it works for something else? Well, i think thats it for this post, im sorry if its hard to understand, my inglish is not that good, its kinda bad actually, but i do what i can :( Whithout much left to say, thank you for reading and good luck ;)

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