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Any advice on bomb defuse part?

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Can you explain your problem further? Do you run out of time or killed by zombies?


For solo:

-get familiar with the map and the locations

-you can record your game (e.g. livestream via youtube) and watch the signal again to make the best/fastest route (pause the game)

-stamin up

-a mega gobblegum like fear in headlight or classic in plain sight


For coop you need people with mic and share the locations...

I think its impossible without mic...




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Its pretty easy. If you are Solo you can just pause the game after each lit up location and write it down. In Coop just write down the first letter of each location really quickly. For Dragon Command you write down DC since there is also the Department store starting with D.

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How me and my brother did it with 2 players was:


-both learned all the bomb locations

-brother was keeping the last zombie busy while I looked at the order of the bombs and wrote it down

-then we would go to the bombs taking turns (like me defusing a bomb in armory and during that bro goes to the next bomb and when he's there I'll go to to next etc...)


We actually got it done on our first try with that strategy. We looked up a guide for help though but the guide suggested a bit different strategy and it was for 4 players.

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By far the easiest for all of the SOFIA challenges.  Cycle through your gummballs when you are close to getting ready to accomplish the task.  The more people equipped with the gumball, the better.  I have found that you can knock two challenges out with the use of one gummball.  



I think this part speaks for its self.

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