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Crack-pot theory: Richthofen 1.0 is not dead (kind of)


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This may sound really stupid, but give it a chance. Any critiques to the theory are appreciated.

I feel that at the end of DLC 4. All of our characters will die. That being said, maxis will have access to 3 of the souls due to Richthofen 2.0 sending them to him at the end of Gorod Krovi. After a player dies as their character, I feel that they will have a second go at it as their 1.0 version and that this will be true for all except Richthofen. His "1.0" may be in the form of Stuhlinger who, armed with the kronorium (refer to JohnnyJ25's video [https://youtu.be/gvO3-V_H_30]), will be able to bring the crew through to the end. The boss zombie may be either zombie Richthofen or a zombie version of all of the characters alongside either Dr.Monty or Dr.Maxis and the battle will more likely than not occur in the "house" that was seen in the origins Easter egg cutscene as well as mentioned by Monty in Gorod Krovi.

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I'm completely in the dark on Gorod Krovi's Easter Egg and story, so I can't go on anything from that. Also, this isn't meant to bring your theory down, but I really hope this isn't the case. Mainly because the constant use of "we never saw them die so they must be alive" is kind of a cop out on their behalf. But who knows. When I finish Gorod Krovi and see the end cutscene, my opinions on this may change. 

It's good to see a newcomer posting. Hopefully you stay.

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My only critique is that I don't think Stuhlinger has the Kronorium. In Ascension, Samantha gave Yuri a diary and he learned many things. In Origins, Richtofen found Pablo's journal and learned many things. There may be another example I'm forgetting, but I think Stuhlinger is no different here. I think that as opposed to finding the Kronorium and having it in Buried, he has someone's journal/diary. Additionally, remember that post-Buried, Richtofen gets the TranZit crew to help him find the Kronorium. I'm hard-pressed to believe that Stuhlinger has it and isn't saying anything, or lost is and it takes two years to find.

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Welcome to the site!

Your theory has a grain of possibility in some aspects but here is my critique:

We know that the version of Richtofen that is necessary for their plans is already in the house. Monty states this in his post-EE monologue. He thinks that Richtofen doesn't know this, but all evidence points towards him knowing. From everything we understand, we are attempting to collapse this fractured universe back into one singular universe. If this is the case, then only one version of each character can survive and live on in said universe. They COULD live on in a dimension outside of the universe (which is all the different timelines and reality as we perceive it) without coming into contact with the reforged universe. What I think will happen in DLC4 is we will play as the Origins versions of our characters, and at a certain point during the EE we die and our bodies are inhabited by the souls capable of fixing things. At this point we don the Keeper robes, arm ourselves with the staves of the ancients, and fight the "Great War" as the climactic boss battle (probably multiple bosses at once to make it feel more like a war). As for Stupid-ger (I jest, I actually quite like his idiotic character), I highly doubt that book is the Kronorium itself. Possibly some excerpts from it. I expect the Kronorium itself (seeing as there is only one) to be fairly dramatic and ominous-looking. Kind of like the book in Der Eisendrache, but even more so.

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I had a similar crackpot theory regarding Richtofen 1.0. What if the twist is that Richtofen 1.0 is actually inhabiting the body of Richtofen 2.0? 

In Richtofen 2.0's "memories" video he mentions that he is not the most righteous human being as he has lied, cheated, stolen, and now killed to accomplish his goals. That is in line with the characterization of Richtofen 1.0. Furthermore, we now know from the GK easter egg that this Richtofen has been traveling the multiverse for a while. What if that is because he is technically the omnipotent 1.0 Richtofen. It would explain his ability to travel the multiverse, "place in the house", and connection with Monty. Plus it makes it less confusing why he would contact the Tranzit Crew. Otherwise, that would mean the Tranzit crew was contacted by Two different Richthofen's and Maxis. The only way to reconcile that issue  without my crackpot Richtofen 1.0 is 2.0 theory would be that there are 2-3 multiverse counterparts of the TranZit crew.


If you are wondering why Richtofen 2.0 doesn't act like 1.0-


It could be a facade, Richtofen has been known to lie to get what he wants. Plus it would deter any entity like Monty from knowing his true identity.

Or, it could be a change of heart. Harkening back to the BO2 easter egg songs, the lyrics implied that Richtofen was somewhat sad for what his actions from WAW-BO. Plus they also made Richthofen seem like he was a tragic figure fated to commit evil (e.g. "I was Spawned from eternal night, by infernal right"). This could be his attempt at atonement, which fits the sinner theme in Zombies. 


Either way, I think it would be a neat twist. 


I like your idea and I think you are on the right track.  I agree Richthofen 1.0 is probably scheming somewhere. I wouldn't be surprised if he shows up anytime soon. 


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10 hours ago, I4mThoR said:

In the GK map, we see Richtofen changing to his 1.0 ( / original or whatever :D ) like the rest of the characters

Thanks! I haven't played GK yet as I do not have a PS4. But now that you mention it, I remember watching a stream where Richtofen exclaimed that he liked the shocks given by the valkyries. So it could be our old friend in disguise!

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