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Sorry about the title, It was too good of an opportunity to give up. 

Anyway, the following thread contains details involving the ZNS easter egg.


At the end of the easter egg, after killing takeo 1.0 it appears that the characters DO actually teleport somewhere... Then mysteriously, they teleport back, with one VERY significant change: 




Did you catch it? 


It's the blood vials! 

Yup they've spread from Richtofen to all 4 of our protagonists. 

For those who don't know: 

Richtofen has been sporting a pair of blood vials containing blood labeled with two Mobster's numbers sense Origins. 



The blood vials are labeled "481 B" and "386 A" which happen to share the same labels as the prisoner numbers of : 


Sal Daluka: 


And Finn O Leary: 


Now, up til now, there's been no real significance to Richtofen's Blood (Or whoever's blood it is in Richtofen's Possession), and it could be written off as coincidence or a little meaningless easter egg, however, now it appears it's OVERLY significant: 

-The mob-of-the-dead plane is seen flying in numerous places: 

-Over the sky of Morg City (SOE) once the apothicon Overlord has been summoned. 

-Landed on the top of the building containing teleporter C in "The Giant". 

-In the skies of early-game Zetsubou no Shima.


How this will be implemented in future maps I can't say for certain. Although I DOUBT we will return to Mob of the Dead, or see these 4 characters again, what with the legal issues towards characters modeled after Micheal Madsen and Chaz Palamentary, and aside from those 4, there's no need to reason I can think of to return to Mob of the Dead. 


Now here's my next question: 

Who's blood is it? 

There's no doubt in my mind that the liquid in the vials is blood. But what purpose can it serve? Given the time it's introduced to the other 3, I'd say it's a back-up plan. However, does the type of blood matter? Why couldn't take blood from any of the NUMEROUS beings we've killed. 

I also can believe that Richtofen's blood vials are linked to Sal and Finn, however I have evidence that shows that the other 3 do not! 

(please enjoy the following Phoenix Write production of this)


"It appears that we could easily obtain the blood from Sal and Finn easily, especially when you have the summoning key's ability to create

portals... " 



"Mr. Edgeworth, there's no evidence that the summoning key has the ability to create portals!" 

"What? But that's absurd! It's the most powerful thing in the universe! " 

"Yes, but that doesn't mean it can just create portals on a whim. In fact I have evidence that shows that the portals Richtofen uses are NOT created by the summoning key, RIGHT HERE!"



"Yes Mr. Wright. we see Richtofen appearing from a portal created by the summoning key..." 



"The portal appears BEFORE Richtofen can grab hold of the key! Thus it can't be used by him to get here, MEANING some OTHER source is the cause of this Portal!" 


Furthermore, the presence of Maxis's voice addressing the "Survivors" of this domain shows that Maxis KNOWS whats on the other side of this rift without looking through it by any observable means, LIKELY because it was MAXIS who created the portal!



"Ah! But there's more! Tell me Mr. Edgeworth, when do we see these portals being used? 

"We see Richtofen Arriving in SOE and then him using it again in ZNS..."

"But why use it so little? Why doesn't richtofen use it to, say, teleport to Der Eisendrache?"

"Simple: Maxis can't interact with Richtofen in Der Eisendrache, evident by one Edward Richtofen's account. This would also explain why Richtofen would rather re-construct a massive robot rather then a simple teleport, even if it wasn't precise, construction of a robot simply must be more difficult then teleporting with the key." 

"Very well.. But we're getting away from the point... After all this doesn't conclude that the 3 couldn't get their blood from the MOTD characters..." 

"Actually it does. When mixed with THIS crucial piece of evidence!" 


Cipher text:

1uoeRh_ls_ndpisusu_eaiie5lansiano_h.rcmtlsnntmd_dnsecpootae_o_apaauldhe_a_yhpwdhvflpon_nrrynarc_itteheaef_efdbd_e_emsbeopseonedt_ear_e_l_amyio_lo_lfirncm_sittespo_ounlibeenemnot_apmwhvoptbntoanopgn.yetsamapeaemeira_tptto __ wi_locretleaoilt_s,hrmo_m_cosueen trne_hmetunlimefon-c_uahisfjea_tdes_nedttidssinu_iihartaadm_tcsisii_nghtmunfensm,oero_memnwg_arpntg_um-_rvanoe.ege_fvaskatfetnoasiencfn_lirev.niharodlluense_cAstlso_e_onebo_eesds-r1otih._mfllwe_rujrcod_wdn


Richtofen must understand that using these teleporters to jump between dimensions is both dangerous and imprecise. At any point, the fabric of space-time could collapse if the proper amounts of 115 are not maintained. l am also concerned about the unknown effects of trans-dimensional jumps. l have noticed even with my brief travels that new memories and emotions have flooded my mind, suddenly appearing from nowhere. l am also sure something is happening on a molecular level as well." 


"Thats right, and it CLEARLY highlights that teleportation using the teleporters to cross universes is BEYOND risky! If maxis had the ability to cross universes with those portals, then why wouldn't Richtofen use a portal to enter the Giant?"


"It's a very clear risk that taking a teleporter makes for a last-option choice! So why use one? Risk the fabric of the universe more for a dramatic entrance?  HA! Not likely!"


"I would wager that the portals have the ability to move things across SPACE in the SAME universe, but what they DON'T do is allow for cross-dimensional travel, THUS due to this map (zetsubou no shima) taking place at least in the 1940s, there's no way they could get to the Mob of the Dead characters in the 1930s!" 



SO, with that logic out of the way, we can start to see some more rules added into the story here. 

So, with that in mind, I bring you my final question; 
WHY do they teleport back? 

Why come BACK to Zetsubou No Shima? We reveal before this that the Summoning key can't teleport outside of the universe, so wherever they teleport to is INSIDE this universe already... But where? And under what circumstances would Maxis return the 4 to Zetsubou no Shima, one of the most toxic places on earth at the moment... Where could they possibly go that teleporting back here is the best choice of option? 

My only thought, and mind you it's a very evidence-less thought... Is the moon's wreckage. That's the only place I think that would be in bigger disarray then ZNS...

So! Your thoughts?

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I dont know if you are familiar with dr. who (bbc) but when it comes to time travel you can all explain with that.... 

About the blood - we have many timelines.... 

If treyarch will mess up in the ongoing story they can all explain with timetravels.... 

I remember a quote where nikolai says he killed richthofen three times....

Maybe its their own blood from their future selfs.... and it used in dlc4

And because of the different timelines (timey wimey stuff) the gameplay after the ee cutszene of zns could be gameplay after the end of dlc3... this woulf explain why nikolai has blood vials too....


Know what i mean? 



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You've stumped me on the nature of the Rift portals, I can't think of why he would be using the teleporter (unless it was just sheer idgaf, which is something I could see from him).

As for whose blood, oh man the possibilities are endless. I genuinely can't even speculate haha.

Finally, for coming back, that too is peculiar. I don't want to give any credence to the idea that there's more to the EE, but I think there's certainly more to find. 

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Good read. I'd really like to be able to properly analyse the blood vials we find on the other characters. Considering we only found this out after reading the numbers written on Richtofen's vials, finding out any inscription on these new vials would most definitely yield answers. 

As for them teleporting back to the island, remember what kind of teleporters or portals we are using. The MTD's we have seen in the past seem to be able to be interconnected. Remember, the reason they are stuck behind the wall is because of the presence of a mainframe. They wouldn't be able to travel outside of the room because the mainframe, where they teleport to and from, is inside the room. Now, to these portals:


These can appear anywhere, but much like the MDT's, you cannot travel through one and expect to be transported elsewhere when you travel through the same portal. In Shadows of Evil, we have to open the rifts to teleport to the underground parts of the city. So, it could be possible that Richtofen teleported the crew through the portal into another dimension and back to Zetsubou No Shima. Where exactly he went is up for debate. However, considering the only other time we see these kinds of portals is in Shadows of Evil, perhaps the crew travel back to Shadows of Evil and gather blood from Jessica, Nero, Jackie and Floyd.

EDIT: After I discussed this with a friend, I realised that I'm wrong. It couldn't be the Shadows crew as there are now 6 vials, not 4.

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Eight technically if you count Richtofen's, but these are just vials of blood which multiple of which can be harvested from a single source. However I think that the nature of these vials deserves it's own map.

It's reasoning like this that make me question: Are we truely killing Nikolai next?  I have no doubt we're eventually going to Stalingrad, but can we be for sure it will be the NEXT map... ? 

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6 hours ago, Stop Mocking Me0 said:

Eight technically if you count Richtofen's, but these are just vials of blood which multiple of which can be harvested from a single source. However I think that the nature of these vials deserves it's own map.

It's reasoning like this that make me question: Are we truely killing Nikolai next?  I have no doubt we're eventually going to Stalingrad, but can we be for sure it will be the NEXT map... ? 

Yes, we can. Otherwise they wouldn't have tacked on the ending. Either there will be two maps next DLC or a remake with it.

Also dude, seriously, can you not spell "follow" still?

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9 minutes ago, Nightmare Voyager said:

Yes, we can. Otherwise they wouldn't have tacked on the ending. Either there will be two maps next DLC or a remake with it.

Also dude, seriously, can you not spell "follow" still?


OR. There will be one DLC in the next map and a full zombies 4th DLC. I could see this happening with "The giant" being one of the maps that comes with the DLC. 


Also yup... Don't shame me for some reason it's in my computers "learned words" now. "Fallow" doesn't get recognized as "Incorrect" so after typing I don't see it.. Will change that... 

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