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Less than 24 hours till release, get your final predictions in!

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Here are some of my last minute predictions:

- The NX Shadowclaw will be in the map
- A Soloable EE again
- Classic style Wonder Weapon from the box that can be PaP'd.
- WW2 Takeo won't die as easily as Tank
- Nikolai will get gain some relevance finally (he hasn't really been relevant with any quotes or plots points so far)
- A new gimmick to the map (like Moon's Hacker, Buried's Big Guy, Mob's Afterlife, etc)

What do you guys predict?

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Not looking at spoilers is difficult. About 19 hours to go. I very briefly looked at reddit thread titles for literally a few seconds, and even that spoiled some stuff. Must stay away from social media till tomorrow (so close!)

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I've seen some spoilers but I still have these questions: 

-Is the drop from the trailer a seed? If so, is there only one type of seed and what does that seed do when planted? 

-The boss monster appears to be triggered (in the trailer) by a zombie. What are the specifics for this? 

-Who shot Mr. Burns? 

-Spiders able to slow players? If so, they're going to be more annoying then dogs! 

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