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I was bored by listening to muZic and while walking in my Safe House and then I stopped in front of a painting and told myself that it was very ugly. If it was really my house it doesn't look like to this at all and there would be no waste everywhere ! So I looked waste and what did I see !?

I saw what we have seen in a Der Riese loading screen of World At War.

I saw what we have seen in the Black Ops terminal

I saw what we have seen in a shop of Berlin Wall.


Without SS1458379362-call-of-duty-r-black-ops-iii-1458379360-call-of-duty-r-black-ops-iii-1458379361-call-of-duty-r-black-ops-iii-1458379360-call-of-duty-r-black-ops-iii-krieg mit Serbien.


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