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I stumbled across this video earlier and it's one of the most impressive guide videos I've seen.  It has a great glossary and is extremely clear.  For an absolute beginner this video is pure gold.  I tweeted it earlier but would like to have it here as a sticky.



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Ok, so just now watching through that, and being that I'm on XBone and don't have the map yet (very nice guide btw!). 

I couldn't help but notice, while going through the Wunder-Sphere section, as he used each one nothing happens, except once he uses the Final one (in this case the one leading to spawn) once he landed the Pad actually turned red, however I never seen any of the other ones do this. 

Is this a normal function or could this be an Easter Egg, that leads to the Second Tram Cart activating (I noticed in the beginning, the two lights were both Red, then one turns Green).

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I've played the map for a grand total of about 15 minutes so I can't be 100% accurate on this.

There are 3 machines, and 3 pads to activate.  I believe he showed activating all the pads and using the machine just once.  What I liked about the video was that it's all in one place, and there's a nice glossary to jump about. 

Once I actually start playing the map, this video is going to show me exactly where to go!

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8 minutes ago, Chopper said:

There are 3 machines, and 3 pads to activate.  I believe he showed activating all the pads and using the machine just once. 

I'm pretty sure he showcased 4, if I'm not mistaking, I could be wrong As I've never played the Map. It seemed as if he only used each one once, but that's not for certain.

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There are 4 wundersphere and pad locations. The spheres are at the death ray, rocket pad, the room above double tap, and the main courtyard. The pads are at spawn, the rocket pad, the wundersphere location that is near the death ray, and right in front of the room above double tap. There is a cool down on each of the spheres, and you can only use the death ray/rocket pad spheres if the rocket launch is not in progress.

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14 hours ago, shirtlesservice said:

To add, as far as I know this is not a part of the main Easter egg at all

Yea, did you watch this video at all? Have you ever noticed while flying through the air, as soon as you land on one of the pads, it turns Red. 

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2 hours ago, rjr1124 said:

I'm definitely trying to get this Easter egg, this map is so insanely sick. I was trying to think of the best gobblegum set up and couldn't decide which is better. Perkaholic and aftertaste or perkaholic and Arsenal accelerator? What do you guys think?

Perkaholic and Aftertaste definitely. Arsenal Accelerator is only good if you really plan on using the Ragnarok-DG4 constantly.

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