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Names of New GobbleGums Revealed

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The names have been released and images of each one, but no descriptions. They are as follows:

Crawl Space (Mega, Activated)

Fatal Contraption (Mega, Activated)

Undead Man Walking (Rare Mega, Time Based)

Head Drama (Ultra-Rare Mega, Round Based)

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUhvh1iIBD0

Since there are reports of the Death Machine powerup being added to the previous maps, I think it's safe to say that Fatal Contraption spawns the powerup. Head Drama appears to make every shot to a zombie count as a headshot. The other two are a bit harder to figure out. Thoughts?

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2 minutes ago, Stop Mocking Me0 said:

One likely has to do with crawlers. A gum that would keep the final crawler from DYING would be MUCH appreciated. 

And the other one is time-based so... Maybe it lets you be a zombie for a while? 

Maybe, but unlikely. Time based ones tend to last several minutes, and activate as soon as they're chewed. I'm not sure what being a zombie would entail. In Plain Sight already offers the invisibility effect, and it's a tad more useful since you can activate it whenever you choose, unlike the time-based ones.

As for Crawl Space, who knows? My best guess is that it freezes all crawlers in place, so that it won't bother players until they're ready to kill it. Another idea is that it immediately makes all zombies into crawlers, but that sounds pretty powerful for a common Mega, so it's unlikely.

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Head Drama could be making all kills act like headshots? Giving you more XP and possibly damage.

Crawl Space sounds like what @TheDunbarian said about making all zombies into crawlers.

Fatal Contraption is most likely the spawnable Death Machine power up since we have one for every other power up, as suggested.

Undead Man Walking I don't really know. I was thinking Red Insta-Kill Persistant Upgrade, but thats the Burned Out Mega GG. So no clue.

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