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Possible New EASTER EGG (Annihilator Upgrade)

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Ok so a couple a friends were trying new things out and went back to the giant and tried a couple of old tricks , since the new update came out we thought maybe they had added something 

one of the things we tried was shooting a turned zombie with the Annihilator , now before the update nothing happened , now after the update if you shoot the zombies head off and he turns , shoot him with the Annihilator and he starts to run around giving off little explosions and sparks 

we were thinking maybe this was like the Lil Arnies Easter egg from shadows 

where you have to let them kill a certain amount for something to happen 

anyway I videoed it to prove it wasn't just a one time glitch 

also I found that when you shoot the zombie to death with Annihilator it spawns a max ammo if it had been turned 

check out out full undergo video here https://youtu.be/-UMLaf1-N98

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Tech Admin

I would say it's graphical at present.

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Thinking that Killing Time mega gum may be important,  the text for the gum invokes the term annihilate and it stops the clock as well for 20 seconds, (this seems like way longer than needed to kill off a full load of zombies) it gives me the feeling that we use those 20 seconds for something EE related. Now possibly they just intend it to be a helping hand during ANY EE step on any map. But something tells me The Giant specifically with that annihilation in the text coupled with the frozen clock.

Also, there was a video showing a gltch were all the interact-able items all appeared bunched together in the center of the map. The thing of note is that the clock (the main clock opposite PaP) is also gone..as if it too was interact-able.

Freeze time with gum then shoot clock with Annihilator?

Freeze time and kill certain number of zombies with annihilator?

Freeze time and three go teleport while fourth does something?(shoots clock?)

p.s. anyone wanna EE hunter/explorer/story discusser .  please add me ...XBL   Jami San   

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Would be nice to see, but I'm skeptical on upgrading it.

I know using the gobble gum that turns your weapon into a PaP version for a short time doesn't work on the annihilator, so that at least tells me PaP has nothing to do with it.

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