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Sword at round 2, upgraded by round 5.

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Browsing Youtube again, found this awesome video on taking advantage of zombie spawns and beastmode:

Video from Glitching Queen: https://www.youtube.com/user/mountainbikingrulz


This video shows the whole process. Basically, when you enter an area while in beastmode that you wouldn't be able to enter in human form, any damaged zombies will duplicate. AND any zombies that die as a result of the ritual completions will re-spawn with full health. Exploiting this allows for a player to get up to ~60 zombies by round one. This is good for a variety of reasons, namely the number of points you can get, and the health of the zombies. This makes filling up the statues for the sword easy, and makes it easy to get all of them done at a very early round.

After filing the statues just go and get your arch ovum and follow the steps to get your upgraded sword by around round 5.

And that's it. Just a quick tip post for getting things done earlier on SoE, and even if its not used to get the swords, can lead to a ton of points really early in the game.

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This isn't exactly correct.

Speaking as the first to actually notice this glitch. :)

Anytime you zap them as beast and leave the immediate area, they will respawn as double. Sometimes inside each other, making them walk sideways.


I open the first door, gather and zap the zombies by qr, fire up qr, loading dock, key, crane, SU. Stay by Su. 

When beast ends, run to Su to force respawn (12 zombies). Gather by SU, zap them, open Nero's. When beast ends, i run up through Nero's (and transmogrify the 2 Pen keepers as this still works on 360). 26ish zombies.

Do Chang's for $500, stab 4 zombies to be over $1000, open Waterfront for knife, or whichever for juggernog, use beast again to make more. Transmogrify Subway zombies.

That's usually how i start the game. Then i buy the gun i want to level, or grab a round 1 or 2 BK and Jugger.

Edit: watch out for the 5 nukes that you will see by round 4. Ugh. I guess that was to balance it a little.

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Just curious as to why you don't believe this is correct?

And are you positive your the 1st to discover this?

Your saying shock the zombies in beast mode. The video on Glitching Queens channel describes shooting zombies with a pistol, entering beast mode and going to an area your human form has yet made accessible and performing an action in beast mode.

Just curious as the strategy Glitching Queen posted is my gameplay, and I noticed this randomly when the game first released. As EE have been found, I've modified my strategy (not 100% complete on Queens channel), to have the Shadow Man defeated by round 8. By round 5, camping meatballs (another tip shared by me for Queens channel), you can essentially make points infinitely without changing the round. You can literally have EVERYTHING known at this time, AND have it upgraded by round 8, excluding xenomatter. It is impossible to build the WW any earlier then round 12.


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It's been mentioned numerous times prior to the dated video. So yes people already knew about it completechaos27

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