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"Ready Up"

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the "ready up" system is a key part of why zombies matchmaking has been so fun for all these years. it allowed for players to conversate, wait for others with headsets, and eliminate those who didnt. it kept the public matchmaking alive for years after release, but now it has been removed and replaced with a 60 second counter that doesnt reset upon joining or leaving and there is no way to extend it. this is game ruining for a pulic match player like myself and leaves us with a few choices. -play solo, wich i like but gets boring after mastering the map. -friends sessions, wich is also fun but gets boring quickly. - play with no mics, ragers, squeakers, and morons. is there anyone else who feels this way? i love the game but this will keep me out of public lobbys forever.


(thanks "impatient ready up kid")  <---thanks treyarch for listening to this kid -_-


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I feel the same way. I wad disappointed to see the Ready Up system hadn't been implemented like in the previous 3 installments. I agree with you completely on this. I'm forced to play solo most the time because every time I search for a public match, 9 times out of 10 no one but myself has a mic. Very annoying.

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No other sound haunts my soul any more then a 5 year old and his split screening buddy telling you to "Weady up". 


That being said, the ready up system didn't really have any flaws alongside private matches. And waiting 60 seconds is a PAIN when compared to the normal 5. 


It does help with those annoying bastards who splitscreen and don't ready up though. 


I guess I'll have to see if I like this new system or not when I actually get to play next week...

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This games starting to piss me off. The match making is horrible. God forbid I actually get a game once every blue moon only for someone to end the game early. It stops searching for games then nothing. Once I found a game in SOE and it sent me into a multiplayer team death match lobby.


i can't hear the zombies at all, juggernog is not worth 2500 because it does sweet fuck all. No point in PAP a ray gun as it would not shoot the skin off a rice pudding on round 10.


fuck me, how many years have they been making these games. The menu navigation is something a 2 year old came up with and needlessly fucking stupid. If you make players do tasks in game make it so one player can do it all just in case others don't know what they are doing.


the game has real promise but your fuck ups on the little things in which you should know better will drive players away in droves. Don't even start me on multiplayer, possibly the worst did I've played. It's just shit, period. Sorry for the rant.mthis truly my first time I've ever truly got pissed at COD.

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10 hours ago, superstudmuffin said:

This games starting to piss me off. The match making is horrible. God forbid I actually get a game once every blue moon only for someone to end the game early.

Completely agree. Took me about a week until I'd stop getting red bar connection games, then when that started getting better I couldn't be match made with players who knew what they were doing. Like you said, even if a game ended up being a legit one, I'm sure someone would leave anyways.

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*(cough cough) CODZLFG (cough) 


Also why is it I always hear opposite ends of the spectrum on multiplayer? Some people say it's the best it's been in years, and others just angrily say it's shit. 

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