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Nobody has tried to play this game ? Without considering the gameplay.


After "nazi_zombie_factory" and "zombie_cod5_factory" it's "zm_factory".

This added to the wall and another.

This on two others walls.

Teddy Bear

The "hanging man" has no longer the Illuminati texts beside him.

Text added above the Maxis office.

There appears to be a logo.

This text is no longer in the same place and there are many blended human footprints.

This year in real life, someone discovered a nazi train full of gold near Breslau(now Wrocław).

The blackboard is a better quality, but it has changed.


There are still several things removed, replaced or added.


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The time on the clock has changed from WAW/BO, but is not the same time as the trailer.


Four red lights have been added to teleporter room Z-C


Obviously, Nazi symbology has been eliminated, but the replacements are noteworthy and kind of odd:

• A hellhound's head, retaining the Nazi Eagle wings is now above the mainframe, as well as on barrels throughout the map. 

• The Group 935 logo has changed even more since DICE. The clean, modern DICE revision hasn't yet appeared, and the one featured in The Giant has had a makeover, the SS runes having been replaced with...the Black Ops 3 tallies? WTH?

• The crusher hat/Nazi officer zombies from the trailers have not yet appeared

• Nazi-style bloodred flags featuring a black iron cross with white trim are hanging throughout the map




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A second entrance for Maxis office(Staff only) behind a barricade in spawn room, I don't remember if it was present in Der Riese.

A code near the original Juggernog.

Another code visible from power room.

Teddy Bear's footprints behind a wall that is behind a barricade of the Automobile Garage, I don't know if they are visible without out of map, perhaps by looking under these cisterns.

Two insignes under this stair.

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The thing under the finger almost looks like the back drop behind the mainframe to me.  Don't play that often though, so I may be wrong.

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Tech Admin

I'm surprised this doesn't have more activity, excellent work @Schrödinger

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