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Red lights in teleporter C room


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So I've noticed that there are 4 red lights on the walls in the teleporter c room, I thought they looked a little out of the ordinary, so i checked back on der riese, and they aren't there, maybe it's nothing, but it could be easter egg related...

If anyone at all could give any speculation, that would be great, I've been losing sleep over this maps potential easter egg. The thing that concerns me the most is that nobody on youtube is covering the giant, even though the potential for an easter egg is there.

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I've been trying a lot of stuff on them since last weekend-but no weapon, PAP'd or otherwise, has any effect when shooting them (including the Wunderwaffe and Annihilater, even when shot at simultaneously in coop).

I'll be revisiting it soon, but I'm thinking it will be one of those things where you must do a step elsewhere, and running back to check, you can confirm it was effective by the color of the lights, just like the teleporter control panel. 

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18 minutes ago, Xperiment 117 said:

4 red lights on the wall you say? Must be an achievement-checker like in Buried to see if all four players finished SOE's EE.


JK. Maybe though.


If anything though, four red lights might just indicate that each of the four players would have to do something individually to activate the lights.

That's a good point too, actually. 



"The numbers, Mason? What do they mean?"




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