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Old School Radios


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I'm not getting the game till next week since its my birthday and I have to make sure no one buys it for me, which I'm getting the hint they did. So knowing all the info is gonna be found by the time I gt my hands on it, I'm very open to searching for info and spoilers. And have been really looking forward to the Giant radios to start gaining some information that might start making sense ofthe weirdness that has taken over the story. So I've been searching for their release since yesterday and have heard a few. 



One of the radios that sticks out is from Maxis talking about how Richtofen is theorizing time travel. Maxis says how foolish this idea is and how it hurts their endeavors. Might just be me, but this message in particular seems to be speaking to us, the fans. As if saying time travel  doesn't play a part in the story and we are wasting our time thinking that way. Or it could just be Maxis disagreeing.


And another Giant radio that sticks out is actually done by Takeo. In it he mentions seeing "A man in shadow". So perhaps the shadow man is now bigger to the story than just the SOE map.


I've heard maybe 4 other radios, all done by Maxis. One of those radios is on Shadows of Evil, which is hugely interesting. All the radios seem to be taking the story in a direction where each map is a realm and something is destroying it. Richtofen has a quote while PaPing about how a war is coming and he can't let the others know. And Maxis is concerned with saving "the child" at all costs and also mentions saving children. 




All I can say is it feels like the old days of zombies. Treyarch seem to have a good story they are gonna hide and we have to find the little tidbits of it. I can't wait for someone to upload the rest of the radios cause they're the main thing keeping me from going crazy not having the game. 

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It sounds like there are 7 radios in total on the map. I've heard all 7 versions when its not Richtofen and I think only one version where Maxis was talking to you as Richtofen. That radio sounds like its supposed to be played before the Fly Trap to explain the beacon Maxis mentions at the end of the EE. 


Each O4 character except Richtofen has a message. It sounds like its all setting up a multiverse story line, like the movie The One with Jet Li. There are multiple version of each character from different times and dimensions and the radio recordings indicate they are aware of it. Nikolai mentions killing 3 Richtofens already. Kind of bummed if this is the case, but I can't help but still be excited about the story again. 


And it also seems like the final scene in Origins plays a role since Maxis mentions bringing Sam home and how she's different. The weird American accent I guess. But he seems to realize it isn't his Sam, or maybe not Sam at all, but that he needs to protect her anyway, and maybe little Eddie. The "child" and "children" quotes might be about that. 

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