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Campaign interviews with Jason Blundell


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It makes no difference to me that the campaign is unlocked from the start i still want to play though it from start to finish, V.E.R.S.I.O.N and the the story trailers have me sold

Not sure if i play it coop first though but im assuming it has matchmaking like waw did

Even though i love zombies i remember getting into WAW late ( After map pk 3 had been released) and wished i could have played the coop campaign earlier as the coop numbers had dwindled and there was plenty of time to play zombies as numbers online stayed strong for a long time

To me cutting campaign from last gen is a no brainer and totally agree with the descision

I know its easy to say this because i own a ps4 but it just make sense with old gen specs

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WHAT FUN! AHHAHAHAHAHA! Props to them for yet another reason BO3 has rased the bar for COD games. 

14-16 hours seems unrealistic in my opinion. I remember hearing there was only something like 13 missions as well. So, I don't know, maybe each mission is longer than usual.

13 missions? There better not be or else I will cry. I thought I head the 16 hour thing too actually near when it was first announced.

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Well it looks like we will be getting like 13 MASSIVE missions. Which is OK for me, remember, we have over 4 diffrent types of special ability groups to choose from, character customization, a hub, and a terminal. We'll be fully immersed in the game. Do you really thing treyarch would be stupid enough to just use all that stuff for like 9 hours of gameplay? DOUBT IT! 

I played through the entire campeign of AW last WEEKEND. I don't want to be able to do that in BO3 as easy as I did here. 

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CoD Campaigns are so short. If you've played a first-person shooter at least a couple times, you can easily be done the same day you start it. I'd love for this Campaign to be longer than usual though.

Then again, since Jason Blundell is the Director for Campaign and Zombies, he may have needed to split his time between the two, and that could be why we're getting such a low mission count.

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