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I went in thinking it would be another stupid video but I was suprised. They actually got most of the origins thing correct without saying it was the original 4 when they were young. They also mentioned time distortion instead of just techtonic plates. Thank you! there is still hope left 

I am really happy you enjoyed! I am also curious by what you mean most. I would love to hear more theories and ideas. Right now the biggest conflict with our theory is the theory that considers everything an endless cycle. But if you have found more in game evidence I would love to hear it so we can make a better video next time!

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Great work! Gotta say, I'm not in the multiverse camp, but rather a tridimentionalist, so the last bit, beginning with MotD was a bit lost on me. However...

Very interesting theory regarding the disruption of the space-time continuum. I find I am rather inclined! The one thing that I found questionable was the tunnel claim. I've heard the suggestion that Maxis went to buried explained by the presence of other perks, however, something like Vulturade would seem to have possibly been made by a party who was well-informed on zombie physiology and 115 in a way that The Flesh would. In fact, I would not be surprised if zombie is an ingredient in the perk. Not to mention it is in the church, which may imply that The Flesh desecrated the church and used it for their occultic ceremonies.

On the other hand, Shangri-La has tunnels as well, and features inarguable, exclusive fingerprints from Maxis in the 31-79 JGb215. 

Way to close the argument on whether the moon rockets contained 115, and thank you for wrapping up with the disclaimers!  

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