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How is there 2 richtofens?


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So a lot has been said about "The Giant" and how 2 richtofens? Well we do see blood vials on Edward Richtofen is origins. What if thats the link between good and bad richtofen? Sam brings the origins crew to der riese to try and stop old richtofen who used the link to teleport from moon the aether to the past. the end result...richtofen sets up to reset?

Now the vials, maybe the "evil" that possessed richtofen. the same evil that was in the prison? just a thought.

thoughts? theories?

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I have two theories.

a.) Time Travel

b.) Dimensional Travel

The first one is somewhat likely, but it's the weaker of the two for a couple reasons. Firstly, we've already established the inconsistencies with the characters in Origins and the characters in the rest of the O4's maps. Secondly, when Richtofen travelled through time to Kino, he seemed pretty surprised that the teleporters could do such a thing. Why would he be surprised if his younger self already knew it was very possible?

The second theory is what I'm more or less leaning towards. Now that Samantha has been saved from Agartha, the entire universe is in a paradox, and has transported the NO4 from the "steampunk" WW1 era France to "normal" WW2 era Germany. Now, for what reason they've travelled to the initial outbreak of Der Riese is unknown, apart from the fact that they want to change history. Which I suppose somewhat contradicts both theories.


Huh. Zombies is a weird, weird story. The only winning move is to not play at all.

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I have a theory regarding @Flammenwerfer's first time-travel theory. So, assuming that Origins Richtofen is from another reality, wouldn't that mean he had different experiences and knowledge? I mean, he worked alongside Maxis to create the staff clones, so why not time and space travel?

thats where im leaning towards as well, what i am not understanding is the killing of WaW rich. How or why would Origins rich know to kill him? What it looks like is theres a 20 year difference obviously in that gap rich starts mutilating and killings people then the third rich happens and he joins up. Now at der riese right before the all the teleporters start working better IE fluffy travel, sam and maxis travel yadda yadda, we see that origins rich is in the teleporter. This strikes me as super odd because origins has no teleporters nothing about the original  stuff in origins. I think with the giant we are going to get radios again. But I also think the fly trap is going to play a part in all this as well

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The teleporter is being manipulated by Samantha from the Aether. The reason Origins Rich knows what to do is because Samantha reached back through time or dimensions to talk to Maxis and reshape the events of Origins. The Giant is the continuation of that reshaping, so maybe we have to stop the evil at Der Reise during the Eclipse and that's the EE we'll see in this map. Who knows, maybe there will be more maps to finish this arc.

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