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Call of duty: Vision - An App

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So I had this dream last night that the next cod zombies was released and the gameplay was set in a ruined town. The tutorial led players through the town occasionally slaughtering one or two of the undead, the coolest bit was when one was prompted to take out their phone and examine the moon as it actually played a clip of dempsey saying: "Help, we're trapped here!".



This led me to think of a whole new way to play zombies and Multiplayer: With one's phones. 



The smartphone examines the surrounding landscape, then the player is able to walk with their smartphone around the area, slowly creating an image of what it sees, once one has acquired enough space the map is created and players spawn in. One can choose if they want to be attacked by zombies or invite friends to play a game of multiplayer. 



This could put a map anywhere we'd like, from our homes to national monuments. 


What do you think? 

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neat concept, but still quite a ways off realistically in terms of implementation.  Maybe by the time I retire that type of technology would be cheap enough and refined enough to be realistic for game makers

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I dunno. Google has their game Ingress which is a massive augmented reality game using the environment around you to create various aspects of the game. It's pretty impressive actually. I could definitely see something like it being implemented in games to create maps and levels for the game.

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It's an interesting concept. Perhaps as technology advances it could become possible but at the moment it seems it might prove difficult.

I think something they Could do though....is have an app that connects with your game and allows one player to use the touch screen to spawn zombies, dogs etc.

Imagine occulus rift

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