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WHY must it end the game when you disconnect?

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This is REALLY annoying, black ops 1 didnt have this problem, just played round 71 Origins with EE complete and set for 100, but upon "Disconnected from xbox live" My game ends to be told "network connection lost"

I am playing SOLO, ONE player, why should disconnecting end my game? I could play offline, but then I get no leaderboards, and if leaderboards is the reason for this, then its utterly stupid, all the game needs to do is if you are online when you die, post the game on the boards. There is NO NEED to end the game when you disconnect. Im sick and tired of every 100 attempt on this game being butchered by Treyarch's stupidity in ending when you disconnect, or not pausing when your battery dies. Black ops 1 had NONE of these problems, and at least I could get 100 on that game....

Sorry about ranting, this game has really been pi****g me off lately...

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I don't think the OP is asking how to get a better connection... Just why couldn't it have a "switch to offline game" after connection is lost. It'd be much better. I mean I'm sure PunchAPack's connection is rather good considering round 71 was gotten to.

The 70's is when it glitches out for a lot of people.

He's not asking how to get a better connection for sure. But I said I'd give my 2c on how i fixed it for myself.

Problem with switch to offline mode is that your game still wouldn't be saved to the leaderboards.

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What annoys me more is the host migration thing.


What I don't understand is why it kicks the player afterwards. I have been kicked out of enough good matches because of it. meaning they should also fix deciding who's the host. My internet can be great, but my router sometimes slows it down to having the other players or me having one bar (the thing is an older router, working on a new one).


Yes, they fixed that when the host leaves the game, the game doesn't end. But kicking them when they don't leave sucks.


But the weird thing is that when everyone leaves except you, it swtiches to solo meaning you can pause and such.

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Yeah, I know my connection is not so good, but why cant the game just switch to offline, and back online if you reconnect, and the same with host migration, why should it kick you out of a game?

Guess Ill stick to BO1 high rounds until I get better internet, maybe Ill try 100 Der Riese

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Also a very strange thing is, my connection is absolutely fine on Black Ops 1 while playing zombies. Rarely do I ever have any issue being the host of a game and normally the others I play with wouldn't lag.


However, ever since Black Ops 2 released and I played it, zombies on BO2 hasn't been playing very nice with my connection.


Basically, I have better connection on BO1 than when playing BO2 zombies for some strange reason.

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