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"Der Wunderfizz" Guide


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Decided to make this thread seeing as I couldnt find much information on the Wunderfizz in one place, so figured id make a complete Wunderfizz guide.

I will cover the following points:

-What is Wunderfizz?

-Where can it be found?

-How does it work?

What is the Wunderfizz?

The Wunderfizz is a machine introduced in Origins that gives the player a random perk, at a cost of 1500 points. All 9 perks featured in Origins can be obtained from Wunderfizz. The machine will spawn a perk bottle for the player to take, if the perk is undesired, the player can leave it and after about 10 seconds the machine will be ready to give a new perk. The Wunderfizz CANNOT bypass the 4 perk limit, but when the player digs red dig piles for extra perk slots, the Wunderfizz can give your 5th, 6th or even 8th perk.

NOTE: If you are trying to get all 9 Perks, avoid Double Tap, get the other 8 from Wunderfizz, and grab Double Tap from the rewards chest.

Where can it be found?

The Wundefizz has a spawn location at each generator, totalling 6 locations. The machine will always start at generators 4 or 5. A lightning bolt will strike the machine at regular intervals, allowing its location to be easily identified. The machine will typically give 4 or 5 perks before giving a "bear" and moving locations.

How does it work?

Firstly, the Wunderfizz has a certain chance of giving each perk (although the machine will never give a perk the player already has)

Wunderfizz groups perks into 2 groups, common and rare:

"Common" perks

Electric Cherry

Double Tap 2.0

PHD Flopper

Deadshot Daiquri

Mule Kick

"Rare" perks


Speed Cola

Stamin Up

Quick Revive

The machine has a 97% chance to give a common perk, and a 3% chance to give a rare perk.

This is not too much of a problem however as the rare perks can be bought from their machines.

Now some examples, you have all perks except Double Tap and Speed Cola, the machine will give gou Double Tap 97% of the time, and Speed Cola 3% of the time.

Say you have all except Speed Cola and Stamin Up, you will have a 50% chance of obtaining either, since all the common perks are already owned.

If you have all except Electric Cherry, Deadshot and Stamin Up, your chances will be 48.5% Electric Cherry, 48.5% Deadshot and 3% Stamin Up

Here is where the machine really shines, You can get more than 3 Quick Revives in solo!

Wunderfizz can still give Quick Revive even after its machine has gone.

Typically, Solo players avoid Electric Cherry due to its effects of causing you to be instantly trapped after being revived. This is also a hinderance, since when trying for Quick Revive, there is only a 3% chance of obtaining it. However by the time you end up using the 3 machine Revives, you should have 300,000+ points anyway. With money and paitience, there is infinite Quick Revives on solo. The golden feature of Der Wunderfizz.

Thanks for reading! And I hope this helps someone out there!

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On solo, when you down, Electric Cherry releases a burst, stunning all the zombies around you, causing them to stay still, stood around you and not run away, meaning you get revived, instantly trapped and die.

In MOTD it wasnt a problem because you could zap them away with afterlife.

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Indeed. it's a tough choice. If you are swift and true with Boomhilda or Raygun Mark 2, AND you don't get completely swarmed, you can often punch a way out through the stunned masses. The reason for taking that risk is being able to get Quick Revive essentially 50% of the time you use Der Wunderfizz. Casting out speed cola if you're running, or stamin-up if you're camping a choke point.

They have their ups and downs. I usually play through my 'traditional' lives (the first three) without electric cherry, but then on my last 'traditional' life (after the third down) I ditch either speed cola or stamin-up and accept the curse of Cherry in order to get an extra revive.

You have to be lucky with where the zombies get stunned, and it helps immensely if you have the shield when you down, but I've only gotten to that point twice, and once succeeded to where I managed to squeeze 3 extra Quick Revives into the game, and the other time I failed instantly the first down that I had Cherry.

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I would include an asterisk next to your stats explaining how they were obtained (I.e. site your source). I've seen them on other forums as well and from personal experience the "rare perks" seem to come quite commonly for myself (although jugg eludes me). Other than that nice guide! Could use a few pictures though for us a third grade reading level. I could probably snag them for you in the next couple days. Let me know.

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