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A Message to the Users of Codz

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This public announcement is brought to you by the one and only, Monopoly Mac.

I’m not as good as Eye at making motivational speeches but I’m going to take a crack at it. For the past few weeks or months, I’ve been suffering from writer’s block and a lack of ideas. These aren’t the only things that have been stalling me however. I also have this tiny fear in the back of my head that anything I write would be too far-fetched for Treyarch to come up with. Perhaps one of you have been suffering from these fears. Well I have to come to tell you that I've had a massive realization. You don't need to care about things like this because Treyarch aren't the creators of this story. We are.

When World at War was released and we discovered the Zombies gamemode, it was an amazing world filled with fun and story. It involved conspiracies, Nazi’s, and much more. We realized that Treyarch had created something of epic proportions and had allowed us to take part in it. As time has passed, we have evolved as story decipherers and Treyarch has slowed down. They attempted to hide huge interact able easter eggs but we have found and solved them in mere days.

The point I am trying to make is that at this point, Treyarch no longer has control over their creation. Like Prometheus had given fire to the humans, Jimmy Zelinski has given us the power of story telling. They have said themselves that they get much of their ideas from the Codz forums and that we even gave them the idea of Samantha.

Is it not right to say that this is our story now?

Is it not right to say that we can decide where this story goes?

Is it not right to say that WE WRITE THIS STORY?

As long as your theories are backed up by evidence and good research, nothing you post can be far-fetched my friends.

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Correction; we are NOT the story writers, as i'm sure there are some confirmations from higher powers they need to run things by and get approvals, but we do help and have a major play in things relating to story and features... but overall i do encourage everybody to play outside the box and just go back to the box when you need ammo ;)

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I'm not gonna lie, the fact that Treyarch openly admitted that CoDz invented Samantha is pretty fucking epic. ;)

It goes to show that we made a theory that had nothing to do with the story at that time but they were able to incorporate it later on. Hear that guys, focus on it, don't stop posting theories and ideas!

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