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EE finally done for origins

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I usually go for the bro fists first anyways, because you need them anyway later on, and I also don't know if I can afford to let all of those points just... go...


Then again, most of my work often proves futile as another robot stomps upon my ritual of the ancients boxes

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True. I'll give it a try sometime. I've always seen the RotA as a priority because it takes the longest of time to complete and you can still do other stuff while you're at it, but it often happens that I'm conflicted between killing those last zombies to get the box to close or to grab some staff parts, risking a robot will stomp upon my almost fully filled box.


It does seem easier your way

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My advice for the sharpshooter step is: Don't stop trying.


Once you get to that part, have everyone at their positions and just keep trying, over and over, take a short break if you need to, but keep going. That's the key. Eventually after enough times everyone will hit all of their targets. It's not really an accuracy challenge, it's an endurance challenge. It's just repetition and focus. So, don't let it beat you by quitting.

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