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Lightning staff upgrade problems

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Hey guys, i am pretty annoyed because when i am playing at home and want to upgrade

the lightning staff i always get problems with those sparking boxes you have to turn off on the real map.

When i get out of the crazy place after completing the piano challenge i run up to generator 5 and turn off the

box which will be on and you can see the electricity but when i turn that off all the others will not be sparking,

and i have waited several round and checked and also in all weather, nothing will work so i give up after that.

But then i was playing with my brother on another ps3 and then it wont let me do the piano challenge in the

crazy place, when i hit the first 3 notes, at least one of them will stay on ruining it for me so that is very

annoying. Have anyone experienced this or maybe someone has heard of it?

It just kills the fun if i cant upgrade them all.

NOTE: I have done the lightning staff upgrade before, this is a problem that has been going on

for about 2 or 3 months.

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The piano can be very finicky if you accidently hit an extra note, it doesn't like to reset, so it'll count the next two notes you hit (first two notes of your next chord) with that extra note to make a chord (usually the incorrect one) and then that final third note you play will become the new extra note. You just have to leave and come back a round later or so and hope you can get it right that time.

The switches, well, unless you're playing solo, aa growing number of people start preping that step before anyone gets any of the staves, so it may be that someone else in your game already turned all the other switches or most of the other switches.

Otherwise I can't say I've ever had that particular problem. Sorry.

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Thank you, i will try that for sure :)

And i play on solo offline so thats why its so mysterious.

The first one (or at least the one at generator 5) is always on when i get out

of the crazy place so of course i turn that off first. When i then run to the others (in both rain, snow, and normal weather)

there is nothing. Even if i wait between 4-8 round nothing would have changed, so i just go upgrade the other ones instead, but i need

the staff for the ee so i hope it will change soon. Otherwise im screwed :(

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I never play solo offline, so I don't know if there any bugs exclusive to that 'mode', but otherwise, the only things that come to mind for you to try if this is a repeating problem for everygame, is to uninstall your DLC and redownload it, clear system cache, and if you're on Xbox, try installing BO2 to your harddrive from the disc.

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Following the piano step there is a pretty clear sound indicator that it has been completed, also if you are seeing sparks at all then you have done that step successfully. Perhaps you are just running in the wrong order or missing one.


Generator five

Bottom of the church

Top of the church

Above the wind tunnel

Spawn room

Workshop (should always be in the off position)

Directly outside the entrance to the church.

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You have to run the generators in this order.

1. Generator 5

2. Church downstairs by the torch with the number 5 above it

3. Upstairs church by the holy water

4. Near jug on the side where the robots right foot steps

5. Inside generator 1 downstairs

6. Tank station

7. Behind excavation where you go to the church.

If they don't light up listen if they make a noise.

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I will have to say thank you again. I did what you told me and it worked (the piano was

a little screwed up still but i got it after some minutes and turned the power off the boxes (and once again,

they did not spark), but it worked and i got the upgrade and went to round 29 (i consider that pretty good for me).

But i could not have done it without you guys so thank you- MegaAfroMan, Boom, 83457, and Zombiesblood3 :) :)

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i have had the problem with the switches before and had gone through several rounds without them sparking (on xbox) but i went back to the first one near generater 5 or whatever and they were sparking the problem i was thinking is that you HAVE to do them in order they want you to or the one you go to will not be sparking. also your upgrade problem has never hapened to me but i play xbox and online all the time usually solo

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