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Staff Piece locations


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Hey guy, i'm having trouble finding the pieces of the staffs. I know you dig up the ice one and i know you get to of the fire (orange) one from powering the 6 generators and killing that first robot zombie thing. I also know where all three of the purple staff pieces are and i can get the first one and the last one but i can't jump from the tank to the catwalk for the second piece in the middle. I have never found any lighting (yellow) pieces and have no clue where to start. Does anyone know where to get these pieces. Or a link that tells where to find them?

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The Yellow Staff Pieces can each be found inside the Giant Robot Heads.

Each Giant Robot has one normal and one special foot; the bottom of the special foot will light up when they're lifting it up. The lights indicate that that foot can be opened. When directly underneath (when it's about to crush you) such a highlighted foot, shoot at it and it will open. Now instead of being crushed, you will now spawn inside the Giants head.

Each Giant holds one piece.

Here's a video if you're still confused




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These are the staff locations (some not direct)

Fire (Red):

1. Powering Gen 6

2. Shooting down the Glowing Plane

3. Killing Panzer Soldat #1

Wind (Yellow):

All pieces are inside the Robot's Heads

Lightning (Purple):

Tank Pieces:

There are 3 elevated areas you can only access from atop the Tank.

1. Near Spawn

2. Excavation Site

3. Just before Church

Ice (Blue):

Dig Spots While Snowing

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