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Origins ending mentioned in previous maps

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Spoiler in case this is still a senitive subject

I was looking at a youtube video where someone noticed something when you teleport to Samantha's room on kino. Im currently playing to see for myself but 1st the room is the same or very similar. But the weird thing is there is a play set on the ground with the O4 action figures set up like they are playing. I dont know if you can see them in the teleport sequence since it goes quick and everything is red. Heres a link to the youtube video.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1gF6-as ... ata_player

Now this was from a mod but it was posted in 2010 and seems legit. Ive been arguing with people about this ending for a couple weeks now but still blown away that this may have been the story all along.

Sorry if been posted already

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Just played and noticed when I go through eleporter to bedroom for the 2ND to 3Rd time

It seems like the toys move and the lights (lamp I think) goes from off to on. Not sure if anyone else noticed it but next time I play that map pay attention to where and what the toys are doing. May show that it was all planes the whole time.

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I'm just surprised there's been so little mention of it. It was one of the first things that came to mind when I saw the Origins ending.

Check out some of the theories on the Origins page it's mentioned many times.


No disrespect meant by this

It maybe mentioned but saying its probally true is like telling a kid Santa doesnt exist. A lot of the people that theorize the story are so in their own world, I dont even attempt to bring up facts in the theory posts. Im just tired of people bitching about the ending. The O4 story either needed to end or explained better. This did explain alot and honestly now they can just have fun writing it and making better maps. The story went to shit when they added time travel to it. But so did the show lost, and thats exactly when I stopped watching that too. Lol

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