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I wanted to ask a couple questions as I cant find the answer im looking for. If it is located somewhere else, please feel free to delete or move the thread mods.

I want to find out the full specifics of doing endgame for richtofen:

Do you need 4 players to do the buried ee and THEN push the button? or could i have 4 people completing all of the required steps and going into a fresh game on round 1, then pushing the button?

Does pushing the button only rest all EE's or is there anything else?

I have done tranzit/die rise EE & this was visible in the courtroom, however yesterday when i went in to someone else's game all lights were off on the box, any reason?

EE progress on world map has disapeared, i read this was due to the patch last week, can anyone confirm or shed some light on this?

thx for any help in advance :)

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