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Ghosts stuck under the map


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Every time I try to use a Time Bomb in order to get a second free perk bottle, the last ghost flies downward into the map, unable to be killed. Is there any way to fix this, or make it despawn? The game is effectively ruined because of it, as zombies will not spawn during the ghost mini-round. I've had to reset many good games because of it, it is so frustrating! :x

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The only way to get yourself out of this situation is to shoot in the location where the ghost may be. The problem I always have is having the ghost spawn inside the stairs near the back gardens of the mansion. I could only see her head so I end up shooting, and I get the kill/perk drop.

I am not certain if this will work, but try recycling the Time Bomb and re-doing it so they can spawn again differently.

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Is it just me or has this only started happening since the latest patch? I'd never had it happen to me before, but since the patch it happens to me almost everytime I attempt to do this trick while I'm just outside the back of the mansion (she always gets herself glitched under the stairs).

I've been unable to get her unstuck once this happens, if none of her body is poking out through the environment. I've tried going through the well, running back through the mansion, shooting around where her body should be. Nothing seems to kill her or get her to respawn when it happens.

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This crap happened last week to me where the last Ghost whore was actually INVISIBLE and just floating near the exit of the mansion. We could hear it and feel it pushing us around, but no way to kill it (tried claymores and errthang) so the game was ruined. Of course, just after upgrading and getting set for a good game. Smh :cry:

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