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Why can you PAP the Executioner more than once?

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I'm pretty sure it adds a Speed Reloader (Fast Mag) and possibly FMJ. When you Pack-a-Punch afterward, it removes the FMJ. Then, when you Pack-a-Punch it again, it gives back the FMJ, and so on and so forth.

I say FMJ because it's the only attachment available for the Executioner that you cannot physically tell, unlike, say, a reflex sight or dual wield.

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I have gotten the Long Barrell attachment before, but it was a rare occurrence. I was playing Green Run and PaPed at least 6 times before it came out of the machine with the obvious LB...That gun is awesome with the LB, but I've never been able to get LB for it on any other map after countless PaPs.

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the an94 can have target finder, mms scopes, a grip, or a red dot and maybe even more.

I always followed the equation that old guns can't be pack a punched more than once and the newer guns could be pack a punched more that once. when I say new I am referring to the time period that it was made and not when we first saw and were able to use it. But anyways there are exceptions to everything and the svu is one. I don't know the exact date of when the svu was made but im assuming its a newer gun. And wonder weapons are also "new" I guess. but then again every wonder weapon we have had is some random pieces put together and some people may not even consider it a gun. And the blundergat is an older weapon which would mean we couldn't PACK A PUNCH it more than once.

The executioner is a newer type of gun so it, like all of the newer guns, can be PAP

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