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Grief WunderWeapon Ideas

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With the new Grief map, we now know that Treyarch have decided to roll with this new game mode. I have a new idea. Grief only WunderWeapons . These will increase the competitiveness of grief to a new level, even further then the meat drop. Think of a stronger version of an awful Lawton that speeds up zombies to attack an enemy. Or an anti max ammo machine that takes away a round of ammo from the target. Imagine the new creative possibilities. So I would like to here your ideas. Go :)

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I wouldn't consider those Wonder Weapons, but they aren't that bad an idea. I do think an Anti-Max Ammo Machine would be just as over-powered as a Max Ammo Machine. Perhaps a weapon that shoots a latch tied to a ball-n-chain? If you hit an opposing team member, they can't run anymore until it breaks.

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How about bringing in some gersh devices? They can suck in opposing players and teleport them across the map!

Or maybe bring in equipments such as the eletric trap and sheild from tranzit, these can be place by one team but cant be picked up by the other, making it so barriers can be built against the other team!

Tramplesteams would be awsome!

Or how about, on a map where two teams are compleatly separated, a teleportation gun that works a bit like the "charge" vigor from bioshock infinite? It would allow a single teamate to teleport between the two isolated groups...

And how about some QEDs? Purhaps you could toss one and whoever gets caught in the blast has their perks and guns mix arround inbetween them!

So if one guy (A)had jug and speed Rpd and a ray gun,

and another guy (B) has double tap, quick revive, RPG and mustang and Sallys, and they both were hit in the blast...

Guy A could end up with mustang and Sally's, A ray gun, quick revive, and juggernog

While guy B could have an Rpd, double tap, speed, and an RPG...

And lastly I think we should get the good old winters howl in here to slow players, maybe a jgb baby maker to have mini opponents, and maybe a roaming boss zombie like George could come in and be AWSOMELY ANNOYING!

Those are some of my ideas...

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smoke grenades for cell block would be cool, 1 team is camped up in the wardens office, brutus is on the way and boom suddenly they are near blind.

Something like the tomahawk that allows you to retrieve magic drops from a distance would be a funny addition to grief. Its always funny to grab a drop from the other team.

My friends and i were just saying it would be funny if you had the option to packapunch the meat to say a meat with a red vapour that zombies go for at faster speed or it affected the whole other team. & idk maybe a blue meat that keeps zombies away that you could use on your own team.

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Im liking the idea of the Opposite max ammo.

Ive had a similar idea to that for some time now ^.^

Everybody runs for drops as soon as they see the light, right?

Then why not Introduce Bad pickups, Possibly with a red light instead of the gold.

Half points - Earn half the points you would normally.

The max ammo one will take like 75% of your current ammo.

Bad Insta kill would make the zombies twice as strong and you will need to do double the damage to achieve the same results.

Also i would really love a spin off of Who's Who as a pickup in grief where when you pick it up your whole team (or the opposing team if it were to be made into a good pickup)goes into somebody elses body on there team (at random) and have to control them for the rest of the round or during the time of the pickup. That would be hilarious!

"you'd better not go down! Ive got 4 perks!"

The teliporting idea with the gerch device's i like allot also ^.^

Really they could start experimenting with things like this, i still have loads of fun with the maps and things they have made so far. But think of the things they could introduce!

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Yeah who's who would be hilarious! ... But make it so it's completely random... And everyone's character was the same except for the back of their shirts! So even YOU had no idea who you were! Are you on your own team or are you on their team? YOU'LL NEVER KNOW! Oh the CHAOS!

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Yeah who's who would be hilarious! ... But make it so it's completely random... And everyone's character was the same except for the back of their shirts! So even YOU had no idea who you were! Are you on your own team or are you on their team? YOU'LL NEVER KNOW! Oh the CHAOS!

Hahaha made me laugh :)

It would have to mute the player as well cause otherwise they would be able to tell each other

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