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A Points/Perks Implementation


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Just an idea that I believe would up the value of Turned.

Turned doesn't seem the same (obviously) as normal Zombies. As in, the speed they run, zombies one hitting, no perks.

I suggest that a system involving perks that is similar to the Sharpshooter mode. Turned's default weapon loadout is listed as "Reverse Gun Game", so why can't another Party Mode be involved.

In Sharpshooter, you gain perks by getting killstreaks, or kills without dying. And they last till you die. I think that idea can work, except that it's based off your current score.

The perks would work on Humans & Zombies. So you don't just lose it as soon as you die. You would keep it for the rest of the game, or if your points went low enough that it would be taken away.

So for example, at 3000 points, you gain the Speed Cola perk. It would work as normal, so reloading is a lot faster as a human, and as a zombie, your waiting times between swipes would be halved.

Say it 5000 points (extremely rare to get that high before the game ends, so maybe 4000), you get the Juggernog perk. This will allow you to take 2 swipes as a human, as well as some resistance as a zombie, so you don't die as quick.

As I said above, the perks are retained for the rest of the match as a zombie and human. I'm not sure if other perks could work, maybe possibly Stamin-Up and Deadshot, but that's it.

But yeah, that's just an idea for a perk system regarding the points, since all they are used for is score. If you don't like that, well maybe make Random Perk Bottles appear?

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If a perk system was implemented into Turned, I would definatly play Turned alot more then just scorning it for even being made. But I don't know how that'd work for the sole reason of, Perk Colas modify the human gene code to give a boost (as in the map description of "I can't remember"), so I don't think a zombie could be modified anymore then it currently is because 1. It's pumped full of 115. 2. It'd probably be immune to any more modications. However if there wasn't people like me who were picky as fuck about the overall premise, I would advise sending your idea to 3arch somehow. But I like it. It's innovative.

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All good dude. Your the only person to have replied so far, so I'm happy with your input.

I get what you mean with the whole story situation and all, but Turned literally turned (lawl) the tables on Zombies. I only suggest Zombies have perks just so it evens out with humans, otherwise it might be unfair. But yeah.

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