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The moon(Motel)


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Does anyone know what the blue light flickering in that building is? While looking at it earlier, I can't believe I've not noticed it before..to the people that have free cammed and looked inside I'm probably gonna seem like a right lemon now but could it be a teleporter(style of no mans land/area 51?) and what with the whole 'moon' references going on, plus the many hints at the bar playing a significant part in all this.

That area also seems suspiciously 'accessible' in that there's no need for a barrier/fence to be there, what with the road seriously protruding out of the ground.

Also, picture town survival with the 3 of the crossroads unaccessible;

Laundromat - Jugg

Jugg - Bank

Bank - BAR,

As well as closing off the bar side door and boom, you've got a pretty neat 'no mans land'

Maybe, we are gonna go back to Green run & teleport to moon to meet up with the O4 at some point...of course that light could just be a TV or a fish tank on the fritz and I've just wasted my time writing that :mrgreen:

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my character once said something like "this light looks strange" when i was looking at it, maybe he said more, can't remember.

not sure still, because of the zombies screamings and low volume on voices, not even sure that this triggered the quote.

(im using french version of the game on ps3)

edit : also the moon signs says not "motel". it says "money" and the big letters says "loans".

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Oh, I didn't realise it said that..I heard motel somewhere and have called it that ever since :lol:

I think I've also heard, I think it was Misty make a comment about light when she walked into the bar, maybe wrong though. I don't see why they'd put 'that' amount of light in an unaccessible building for no reason, silly Treyarch.

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Sorry to bump this, but i've been back through Jimmy and Peter's tweets about touching the moon, and the bar comes up an awful lot. I've also heard a similar noise to the PE2HR soundcloud noise whilst roaming around the ground floor of the bar.

I think with all the recent DLC discussion people have moved away from investigating this area. Something fishy about it and I can't put my finger on it...

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good bump. i find myself still thinking about the tranzit mystery while playing MOTD. I have to say I'm stumped to the tie ins,though i believe the magazines in tranzit have hinted at each DLC n i think this last one will somehow tie into sailing or water oriented.

anyways, back to the topic at hand. rereading this thread the comment about signs saying money and loans caught my eye. each time you withdraw you are charged a fee. could the fee be the loan mentioned? i know a reasonable debate would be that it may point to the fact you can lend players money, but the fee seems a bit more puzzling in an apocalypse to serve no purpose, haha.

seeing as all of my former Tranzit EE buds are burned out from the search, i know i still have theories that need testing. anyone need a team? GT Clayt0nBigsby14

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