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  1. "Kill me right here, right now" huh? So much can be read into the dialogue, and so much talk about the cycle. They know damned well what's happening that's for sure.
  2. Yeah I did some further reading and found the comic book pages from previous maps. Why is there a power station icon though when it's not visible on the Green Run map?
  3. Another comic book page here; Further findings show that there are in fact five areas to the Green Run map. There's the three initially selectable; Town Farm Bus Depot There's the fourth, the diner at the lower left, which you can't select, but clearly has its own texture (again no DLC yet, so if this is selectable later I do apologise) And finally there's a texture for what appears to be the power station, with the collapsed pylon. Has anyone seen this anywhere in the game? There's nothing where it should be on the map
  4. Quite possible, seen as there's a standalone texture on Edward Richtofen's Facebook page that looks identical to it...
  5. I just happened to stumble upon Edward Richtofen on Facebook, and curiously there are photo albums entitled zm_transit among others. Flicking through what appears to be a textures pack, I came across these: Apologies if these have been seen somewhere else, i'm relatively new to Zombies, but if they are as I presume from previous map packs, why are they thrown in the middle of the Tranzit files? No idea who the account is or where the pics are from, presumably from the PC version, but why would what appears to be two more pages in the same folder..?
  6. cwspellowe

    The moon(Motel)

    Sorry to bump this, but i've been back through Jimmy and Peter's tweets about touching the moon, and the bar comes up an awful lot. I've also heard a similar noise to the PE2HR soundcloud noise whilst roaming around the ground floor of the bar. I think with all the recent DLC discussion people have moved away from investigating this area. Something fishy about it and I can't put my finger on it...
  7. Hmm, not so sure on the DNA thing now, he's gone back to being as cryptic as ever. Silly me for thinking he might reveal more.. Chris Pellowe DAMN! Thought i was on to something haha. Extra clue for a brother helping another brother out? Sunday 7:03pm Kevin Sherwood haha http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cgbZqR2AGI 7:18pm Chris Pellowe Hahahaha FU! You've given something in the way the fact that your search criteria for the thread was DNA. Amended link or not, you were looking for something whn you found the thread/post Answer this though if you may? If a=A an
  8. In the DR intro, Russman dies and the other three enter the elevator. The cycle there is when they restart and all four are alive. I believe the gameplay of DR is AFTER the intro, right? In MotD, if the Weasel dies, the cycle continues, much like when Russman dies in the DR intro. If the Weasel lives, the cycle is broken. From that, one would assume the cycle is broken if Russman lives, which points to him being pivotal in the storyline. The Weasel needs to live, as does Russman?
  9. I'm starting to not like Kevin very much :cry: Chris Pellowe DAMN! Thought i was on to something haha. Extra clue for a brother helping another brother out? Today 7:03pm Kevin Sherwood haha http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cgbZqR2AGI He has kind of confirmed the DNA train of thought though, he says he was sent the link to the thread by someone else, someone else was looking for something containing the keyword DNA. Would he have posted the link to the thread calling it the "discussion" thread if DNA was way off the mark?
  10. I dunno, Jimmy has tweeted stuff in the past too about having to slow down, and to wait a certain amount of time before continuing. What's the longest in-game time anyone has racked up? Obviously a couple of hours for the really high round games, but what about NOT killing zombies, and just kinda... waiting? The moon isn't under the map for no reason. Something has to happen. And if there were additional routes being added, talk of the bus going somewhere else, whatever, these textures and pathways would be made available through DLC. So why would the moon be there, when they could h
  11. Bollocks, Kevin just messaged me on FB after I asked about the link.. Kevin Sherwood ah yeah wasn't specific to him just the thread. forgot I copied the search criteria when someone sent me the link. I'll change it. thanks for letting me know. Thought I might have been onto something hahaha. Balls.
  12. I've also just noticed the exact link in Kevin's video to the "discussion" page. It points here, but curiously points to Electric Jesus' post, highlighting the word DNA throughout. Anyone any idea why? He wasn't the first to mention DNA at all..
  13. Hi fellas, First post here, but i'm fascinated by this sequence and i've been doing my best to look into it over the last day or so. I used to study Biology years ago so it's acting more as a refresher than anything else! Having looked over Kevin's various social media pages, the only clues so far have been a = A c = C g = G Now, going back to basic maths, substituting these into the chain gives tAT GGA CCT CAG AGA CCA cGg Att GAC GAA TCA ACC Safe to say that doesn't seem to help anything, it obviously just capitalises parts of the sequence. Personally I
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