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Elevator Tiles | Easter Egg Step Fails [Help]


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Now that we know the Richtofen's EE steps. My team and I are trying to do it.

The thing is that when we do the elevator tiles step, they doesn't glow/activate.

Idk why, I'm pretty sure that all my teammates are stepped on them.

Do we have to do something?

We've obviously turned on the power and buyed a sniper.

It's really frustrating, help? :cry:

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Make sure that you have turned on power and that one of your teammates has the SVU (or other Sniper from the Mystery Box). Then, you can begin the elevator symbols step.

Is it possible to complete this step without purchasing the sniper rifle first? I would assume you can since you don't need the sniper rifle until later in the EE. I think it was one of the first things people were able to trigger and confused it as the first step.

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Have you built the navcard table? If you have, try restarting the game/switching hosts etc

Maybe you are right Liam. Going to try this and confirm.

Are you playing split screen while trying this? Cause I was having the same issue. But as soon as I went to full screen, it worked. :) maybe try this? Get back to me please to confirm?

I'm not on split screen. But, like I said, I'm going to try what Liam said.

Wait for confirmation.

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